I know what I think.

Hy looks disappointed.

Spy can take a break if he wants.

You'd better be very sure before you accuse him of anything.

I don't believe in fairy tales.

He put an interesting idea before us.

According to the Italians, translators are traitors.

A lot has changed around here since you've left.

Is Mother going to the store?

France is called "France" in French.

I took a walk.

I am in Bilthoven.

How is the weather in your country?

Don't panic. I'm sure Tigger will know how to handle this problem.


He scolded them because of the noise.


Ray couldn't believe that Marcia had never listened to Stairway to Heaven.

There was a convention last month.

The children's laughs spread throughout the forest.

Clarissa broke that one.

Joe has a good credit score.

We've already mentioned Eduardo.

I honestly didn't think Irvin would show up.

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This is a museum piece!

I understand a bit of German.

I spend a lot of time in Boston.

She suffers from a respiratory disease.

Graham says he doesn't know much about Boston.


Sylvan entered the room without knocking.

Please send me your picture.

To get up in the morning, and there be someone to say good morning to - I haven't had this feeling for a long time.

Michael was beginning to get desperate.

Did you mean for both of these sentences to be one contribution?

I'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to loose.

He owns a dishwasher.

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I wanted to talk to Rodent about something.

The performance got get terrific applause from the audience.

Hot liquids cool much more quickly in thin-walled teacups than in mugs; hence handles are de rigueur for teacups.


Are Vance and John brothers?

She wanted to test her husband, but she couldn't have made a worse move.

Christie isn't worried about Anne.

A quarrel brought about the break.

We have several bags here.

I don't enjoy eating ice cream during the winter.

She's a supermodel.

They said they fired me because I'm fat.

I think social networking is so girlish.

To my dismay, he was caught cheating in the examination.

The factory will begin to produce next year.

I've been coaching three years.

She is a young woman, pretty and smiling, like we would like to meet more often.


Ti is a skillful carpenter.


Please take the pants in a bit.

Look, I'm not doing this.

I can't afford to buy a bicycle.

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He finished the bulk of his work before dinner.

"When did you return?" "I came back the day before yesterday."

He has made great progress in speaking Mandarin.


Barrio is screaming.


Nobody here is denying that.

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Shahid is unenthusiastic.


He is a man of faith.

Metin is a little slow on the uptake.

I learned French instead of German.


Kyle seems to be getting fatter.

We must stop them.

Ramadoss doesn't often visit us.


I know you're busy, but can I talk to you for a minute?


All you have to do is wait and see.

Sorrel is considering visiting his uncle in Boston.

The housekeeper interrupted the conversation.

Please keep an eye on my suitcase.

What does Roman intend to do about it?


I don't think Sharan is as pretty as her sister.

It's always dark there.

My lawyers said I should meet with you.

A middle-aged woman with a knapsack on her back seemed to be looking for a place to sit down.

I don't want to hear any of your lies.

Miriam ate breakfast by himself.

There is no telling what may happen next.

Vicki's swimming.

I didn't have any accidents or other problems.

He always feels cold because he does not have enough fatty layering on his body.

I just don't want to go to jail.

Alan has written another book.

I need to find my pen.


Let's stretch our legs.

We must reduce energy demand.

What's made you think that she'd want to kiss you?

Dan didn't even have shoes on.

He was regarded as a hero for saving his friend's life.

The population of the region dropped precipitously over the last decades, which prompted action by the local authorities to promote higher birth rates and attract immigration.

Let's qualify this gin with tonic water.

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There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.

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I'm in the middle of something here.

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French is no longer as relevant in the modern world as it used to be a few centuries ago.


Norbert's great.

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That's what I loved about them.

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Don't talk about work at meal time.

Oskar glanced around in astonishment.

I thought we'd have breakfast together.


Pay what you can.

This is typical.

I didn't eat lunch.

I haven't seen Roberto in months.

Everyone gathered around them.

Leora is a well-known singer.

They pretend to be man and wife.

Blair will forgive you.

There was fear on his face.


What time did he say he'd come?


She had no cares or troubles of any sort, and every day her tasks became easier, and the years that had gone before seemed more and more like a bad dream.

We should talk about it.

Eliot needs to get more organized.

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The Catholic Church doesn't condone the use of condoms.


I think I've got a touch of fever.

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Somebody's yanking my chain.

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Whoops, I shouldn't have said that; it simply slipped out.

We've got three more just like that one.

How did you help them?

She wears designer clothes.

Be careful with my luggage.

Let's get the hell out of here.

What is worrying you, Fred?

Shall we start studying?

Could you take this, please?

I wonder what those guys want.

They were hung up in a traffic jam for half an hour.

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Agatha decided not to wait.

I can't see any bruises.

Sorry, I'm probably going to be about 20 minutes late.


Linley came in first place.

This is going to be a good show.

I think Edgar will go there tomorrow.


The problem is that it's too far away.

I'm not interested in what you think.

That does it.

I ran a risk of advising her.

How many animals of each species were there on Moses' ark?

That's what brought us together.

That's my mistake.

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Maybe I hurt him.

I don't think you'd understand.

I appreciate your insights.

I don't know her very well.

I will show you some.

I'll ask him where he is planning to go during the vacation.

I'm supposed to be helping you right now.

Jerry's cooking was actually not so bad.

You just had a holiday.

Surya is going to stay for another three days.

Roland is not a very good driver.

He is French.

I can deliver that to you.

The nurse will tell you how to do it.

I'll let them know you're here.

There's blood on this knife.

Jin took this photo.

I shouldn't have told you nothin'.

Why did you lie to her?


They told me I had to help you.

The party started soon after his arrival.

I can easily tell if someone is a good person or not. If I like him, he's good; if I don't like him, he's bad.


Jeannie and Marian don't seem to really talk to each other all that much.