Renu didn't seem to be interested in what was going on.

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The bus driver warned the pupils not to stick their heads out the window.


As soon as I got home, my sister went out.


He suggested that we should put off our departure.

I surf the Net more frequently at home.

She pleaded with him to stay a little bit longer.

My success was largely due to luck.

It was a scurrilous attack.

What is life without the radiance of love?

I got tired of looking at that painting.

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Did you know that Oleg only had one leg?

I'm taking him some food.

I might be ready to go soon.

She doesn't admit that she is in the wrong.

Please, do not get excited.


I hope you do fine.

I'd like you to answer my question.

I'm not good at this.

One of our windows is broken.

Soon after that, I began to fall asleep.

He began to raise his voice.

I can't imagine life without you.


Jenine is the only one here who knows how to speak French.


She returned the book to the library.

There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.

The Italians say that translators are traitors.

He shook hands with his friend.

He helped me do my homework.

If you eat that much, you'll have a stomachache.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.

There were lilies planted in front of the house.

Sandeep told me he was sad.

Who do you guys work for?

Give that to him.

I don't think that's quite true.

This is as good as any.

There was nothing there.

Flashing lights transmit messages between ships and to motorists along city streets.

Are you going to ask him or not?

I thought you enjoyed swimming.


I know you hired a lawyer.

Hold the racket tight.

We don't have much time left.

Little birds are singing merrily.

We have a dog, a cat and three canaries.

Experience is requirement for this profession.

The table can be placed over there for now.

They suffered a lot during the war years.

The blue pants costs more than the green.

I thought you wouldn't like sushi, but I liked it quite a lot.

The effects of the illness were not serious.

He is generous to his friends.

What's the topic?

Do you like frozen yogurt?

The government is coming under pressure to change the law.

That's what I'm trying to do.

My job is to help people solve their problems.

Does there need to be a goal?

This is the place where the battle took place.

Leslie forgot to lock the house's door.

When did the Japanese start eating polished rice?

Tyler treats his employees generously.

So, have you thought about my offer?


This is for my friend.

You should be there, too.

Joachim and Hubert seldom give each other presents.


I'm not a man!

Kayvan said he was tired of losing.

Mayuko can ride a bicycle.

You're missing my point here, Marsha.

It's just so pretty.

How much is that string of pearls?

He told me that his father was a doctor.

This is how I mastered English.

I wake up early.

A year has passed since he came here.

He ran off with another woman.

The results are by no means satisfactory.

We don't have to watch this.

Tor tried to make amends by apologizing publicly on his website.

Rich's always telling Kamel that he loves her.

It's necessary for us to sleep well.

This is longer than any other bridge in the world.


Ronald told me about the fire.


Donna says he hasn't been sleeping well.


He looked radiant.

I have many Esperanto friends.

My sister asked Father to buy a new bicycle.

Pria was perplexed.

Mr. Ito is a highly educated man.


There is a gold coin.

I just started learning flower arrangement last month, so I'm still a beginner.

Do you want another sandwich?

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A bear can climb a tree.

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They needed help.

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She will be able to swim soon.


You must believe me.


Trees have been removed from the park.

Is this spider poisonous?

We use dashed lines for the model, and continuous lines for the reality.

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You can use the word processor anytime.

Tatoeba: the only place where the use of different apostrophes is controversial.

He married his daughter to a lawyer.

The doctor gave Margie morphine.

I live in a small fishing village.

I can't figure out what he means.

We appreciate your continued support.

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I want to go on record as being against it.

You have my support.

He insulted her.

I hope you like the job.

Why do you want to talk to her?


Man is also an animal in a broad sense.

No, he doesn't have a motive.

I cannot learn Icelandic. It's too difficult.

I have a mission for you.

It wouldn't be fair to you.


The neighbors made a fool of him.

I need this money.

You were afraid, weren't you?

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Paula clearly doesn't want this job.

Don't laugh at a person in trouble.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Van Dorgen Exhibition.

I've waited for it.

This big book makes my brain hurt.

He did not go out, but sat down.

How soon can you get here?

Hy said he was planning to hitchhike to Boston.

She put her arms around me and hugged me.


Water is leaking into my goggles. I don't think they fit right.


A tiger is a very ferocious kind of animal.

I play tennis, but my form is terrible.

He abstained from smoking.

He went back to get his hat.

I have been down with a headache.

I have the authority to do this.

The Chinese language is full of idioms that are commonly used in texts of different genres as an erudite style of writing.

The man left the restaurant without paying.

Cristi took out a notepad.


I'm not going to go there again.

I'd like you to cut my hair.

I have some debts to repay.

I don't want to identify myself with that group.

That's all right. I understand you. You speak very well.

Dinosaurs used to rule the earth.

I'll stop Masanao.

We finally meet. I have been waiting for this day for so long.

I knew something bad would happen if Page and Kim went hiking together.

Alejandro shouldn't have tried to tackle that alone.

I'm not looking forward to cleaning the bathroom.

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She spoke loudly.

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That's what Laurel tells me.


Marie told me that she enjoyed the drive.

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That won't work.

He abandoned all hope.

I had not gone very far when I was caught in a shower.

Sal is very incompetent.

Nearly 10,000 athletes live in the Olympic village.

I am what I am today thanks to my parents.

Let's talk about that right now.

Natraj was given an injection with a hypodermic needle.

It was a sight to see.

I am shooting with a Russian machine-gun.

She asked me a question.

They're going to hang you.

Stevan enjoys movies.

Alex reported Gregg missing.

Please say hello to your parents for me.