Mark didn't know what I was trying to do.

I'm sorry, but you can't marry Susan.

Do you still have a key to the house?

Ramon isn't my son. He's my nephew.

That dress is perfect for you.

The boy observed the birds all day.

We have other things to do.

Paul helped Sir up the stairs.

I don't know all of them.

I was just wondering what kind of pets you have at home.

Should we call her?

I hate it when you're so happy.

He is no gentleman.

It will have been raining for a week if it does not stop tomorrow.

It's not raining.

Why not take your coat off?

Eileen promised to help me build a doghouse.

I'm the teacher.


You look poorly.

It's not what you say, but how you say it.

If you should meet him, tell him to call me up.

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I'll build myself a beautiful palace, with a thousand stables filled with a thousand wooden horses to play with, a cellar overflowing with lemonade and ice cream soda, and a library of candies and fruits, cakes and cookies.

I didn't do a thing.

I just gave it to Donal.

If she hadn't made waves about it, she never would have got her money back.

Are you overweight?

There is no reason why I should help him.

Fortunately, I've solved your problem.

She is fresh from college, so she has no experience.

The lid screws onto the jar.

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Not every community was affected.


She found him amazing.

Scientists haven't found a cure for cancer yet.

We're not taking questions.

You have to account for your failure.

It's just a myth that Rambo can defeat an army alone.

It's an heirloom. Been in my family for generations.

Can you make out why he won't go with us?

He entered the national high school boxing championship competition.

I'm going to kill her for this!

It would help us if you would reserve the following hotel during our conference.

There is no escape from fate.

The decision is not easy.

In the USA, opioids claim more victims than traffic accidents.

We had better cancel the hike.

Following traffic rules is important.

My father used to say that money is not everything.

She has absolutely no enemies.

Light travels faster than sound.

Do you think I don't want what's best for Wayne?

The city lights are beautiful at night.

Do you bake every day?

The embassy denied political asylum to foreign refugees.

All women are the same.

Is it something I said?

We are very sorry that your order was damaged.

Raghu got stuck in the mud.

Bill is skillful in arguing and debating.

It wasn't there before.

We're all bound to die.


She took me under her wing.


In the evening, we drank sugarcane juice.

Teri didn't want Dorothy to hate him.

Won't you join our conversation?


Pink is not just for girls.

How's that possible?

Because Vasilissa was the greatest beauty in the whole village, the stepmother and her two daughters envied and hated her.

Lucius seemed to be in a hurry.

This desk is used by me.

You'll rue the day you wronged me.

This tree bears a lot of good fruit.

The band is on hiatus.

Some people watched TV serials every evening.

Herbert fixed a watch.

He sometimes loses his temper for nothing.


Charlie didn't need cash.

Though she wanted to travel abroad by herself, she decided not to.

You're no longer children.

I sometimes help my parents in the shop after school.

You are not allowed to leave here.


This field is full of wheat.

I only eat like this when I'm miserable.

I'm melancholic.

I mistook the shredder for a Xerox machine.

I want an answer.

If only I get a chance to see him.

He already did that.

You didn't tell Raj where to meet us, did you?

Luigi thought he had a god-given right to everything.

It was pretty bad.

I cannot open it!

I never told you that.

Marcia was busy and didn't have a chance to eat lunch.

She fainted.

I know what's missing.


The telephone was still.


He is less intelligent than me.


She frowned him into silence.

I've already shown the contract to Phiroze.

He lost his new watch.


Frank left a message by means of a secret code.


I'm really tired. Today, I walked way too much.

She has had a magnificent career.

Hal needs to lower his expectations.

I need a native speaker.

How much do these black pants and red shirts cost?


I really want to thank you.

You hired Lonhyn, didn't you?

You look a little shaken.

Malus handed Lowell the green notebook.

Some people are completely unscrupulous.

Do you work with her?

Such behavior shouldn't be permitted.

Give me a break, would you?

It's often said that best way to learn a foreign language is to learn from a native speaker.

My place is with them now.

We all wondered why she had dumped such a nice man.

Harris showed his photo album to me.

Winnie is totally untrained.

Art is my enemy.

"You know Jochen, don't you?" "I can't say that I do."

Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know.

I'm delighted to hear that.

I am an American.

There's something going on.

Their quarrel sprung from misunderstanding.

Sometimes, labels are useful.

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This generation of online daters, far more native to the Internet, are a lot less awkward than the first generation.

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Drew never mentioned it again.

I'm no longer your assistant.

Huey is still just as poor as he used to be.

I have a lot of friends I want to visit in Boston.

Sedovic's mother is a devout Catholic.


Earlier in his life, he ran a hotel.

It's very cold this winter!

We had a busy weekend.


Edward was scary.

She read the digest of War and Peace.

Why didn't you call me yesterday evening?


They're cousins.

The man was of normal height.

Gerard doesn't know who Clem's father is.


Would you please pay attention?

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Pedro and Brad looked equally confused.

Death is everyone's fate.

Jurevis crossed the street.

Has anybody spoken to her?

We have been studying English for three years now.


I can't imagine a future with no electricity.


There's a white building just around the corner.

This book is green.

Ido is the most beautiful and simple language.

We'll all be together soon.

Magpies are very intelligent animals.

I swear I didn't see you.

No instrument is snootier than the piccolo trumpet.

We cannot go any farther without a rest.

Rogue became a sailor.

Why don't you have lunch with Tor?

Cristina started feeling insecure.

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I was hungry, so I ate.

It's upstairs.

He totally freaked out.

Arne told Miek not to waste her time.

Tanaka owes Samuel a chance.

We respect her.

The kitten couldn't get down from the tree.

It will not be long before the world runs short of food.

I will be sixteen years old next year.

I've seen it happen too many times already.

He amused us with funny stories.

It will take me 20 minutes to get to the station by taxi.

I don't like the poor, they think only of money.


You are both cute and nice.