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It's a house just like that I have seen.

He was a man who was the very picture of her ideals.

The old man is possessed of great wealth.

I will come on Wednesday evening unless I hear from you to the contrary.

Cathrin makes her living by sewing.

I'm not that good at goodbyes.

Smoking is prohibited in every section of the restaurant.

You have the advantage of a good education.

Old sent a telegram to Huashi.

Who started the battle?

Beth has a strong habit of interrupting people while they are talking.

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He went so far as to say that I was coward.

The first item is a motion proposed by the Education Committee.

I wish I could talk to every person in the world.

The curry at this restaurant is good.

I was really ill and didn't eat anything.


It would be so transgressive.

Laurent is holding something behind his back.

Nobody will beat him.

Are you really going on the date with Butler?

The covers of this book are too far apart.

Would you mind calling a doctor for me?

He didn't speak nicely, but clearly.

Soohong didn't really feel like going to school this morning.

Thanks for the meal.


Look what happened to him.

The Mandarin passive is used under the following circumstances.

He loves you as much as I do.

I have an idea where to start.

This flower smells sweet.

Friendship is the connection of souls.

Who hired you?

This book gives a blow by blow account of how the banking system is ruining our financial security.

We'll have little snow this winter.


All intercultural encounters are a win-win for both parties, as they provide an opportunity for learning.

Humility is truth.

It is a fact that I don't know her name.

I wonder if they realize what they're up against.

He was completely worn out.

The two of them have grown apart.

She needs assistance.

The fact is, I think, very important.

There was a strong wind on that day.

I need a book to read.

You are in serious trouble.


A ball flew in through the window.

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Have you been living under a rock with sound-proof walls?


My down jacket keeps me quite warm.

There was no damage reported.

We are not hypocrites in our sleep.

He drives roughly.

Varda said that he and Gregor can't come to our party.

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When I heard that, I was mortified.

Celeste was worried that Raymond's words were indirectly aimed at him, but in truth she was only talking about herself in a self-depreciating manner.

I'm a fast learner.

No one speaks that language anymore.

Let me see what it looks like.

Hundreds of soldiers ate in silence around their campfires.

I need your passport and three photographs.

I'm going to miss my bus if I don't hurry.

He has dozens of English books.


I want to become a better guitarist.

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Mail order is the main form of direct marketing.


They're looking for Patrick.


I don't want him to see me like this.

Poor sap. He can't tell when he's being taken advantage of.

If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once.

What kind of a place will we be able to get?

There was a crack in my tennis racket, so I sent it out to be repaired.

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That is how he got out of danger.

Did you really threaten to kill The?

Give Sofia a smile.

Back away from Brad.

Go ahead and get dressed.

I saw an amusing comedy last night.

They saw the waiter coming in a hurry.

He was a real stickler for his principles.

How much was Tharen making on his last job?

I'm going to deal with them.

Thanks to the good weather, the outdoor concert was a success.


Elaine is an avid tennis player.

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Thuan plans to go in spite of the bad weather.

Unless it's something fairly impressive, I won't remember it.

You bought (it), the man bought (it).

He contributed much to the development of the economy.

You have to learn to put up with this weather.

I'll always remember your kindness.

I'd like to talk to her alone.

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I'm very glad I didn't have to do that.

A lot of people around here like country music.

I am free tonight.

This was good.

Step back.

After a short while, he began to talk nonsense.

Nobody wants to support my country.

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I'm the king of the world!

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I wish my father had lived longer.

What choice is there but to try again?

I know where she lives.

I'm planning to stay at my uncle's place.

Can you identify the cause of the problem?

Who's going to tell Seth they can't do that?

Do you know how much of a wait there'll be for a cab?

From these verses, we can see the different description of the same entity: the city, the kingdom, the heavenly Jerusalem, the church, and Mount Zion.

Write soon!

I just happened to be driving by.

Sam asked Roderick many questions that she couldn't answer.

They zapped Gail with the defibrillator.

They're preparing a meal for us.


It will pay you to save a part of your salary each month.

I thought he was going to kill me.

Something had to be done.

You're timing couldn't have been worse.

Vaughn didn't write it.

I can't help how I look.

Yum, this food is delicious!


Piercarlo was just a kid at that time.

I bit off more than I could chew.

Jennie told me he wasn't happy here.

I cannot watch this film. I don't like it.

He's had many unhappy experiences.

Alexis tried to climb over the fence.

Joubert isn't very obedient, is he?

The children sat cross-legged around the fire.

Moses helped the little old lady to cross the road.


Maybe she can tell you more.


The committee approved the budget.

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That'll be fine.

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It's relatively early.

Shake this bottle before you open it.

My uncle has made me what I am today.

Diana made us feel welcome.

We want to invest in profitable projects for future generations.

I'm sorry but I forgot to do the homework.

After a lot of problems she managed to learn to drive a car.

Fritz jumped out of his bed.

Are you saying I'm wrong?


I will get even with you for this.


Who do you think will come first?

It's not funny.

He drives a Lotus.

How did you make it?

We're going to begin with lesson ten.

Then we shook hands and said good-bye.

Everybody feels at home with him.

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People depend on me.

The newspaper says that the typhoon hit Kyushu.

She's not thinking straight.

There being no taxis, I had to walk.

How did you know Walter would do that?

We have to get as much information as possible.

I was just looking for you.

There's nobody like you.

Huashi wanted to learn to swim.

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It is no use asking a favor of that man.

Why her and not me?

Maybe you should stay with us.


Srinivasan stayed with his father.

The four books already mentioned, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are altogether anecdotal.

She has blue eyes.

This happened to us, too.

You wouldn't leave me here, would you?

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Noemi didn't find it.

They asked Lincoln to make a victory speech.

I am already acquainted with that situation.

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I don't like the way Miriamne did that.

Oops, my fault. It's 3000 yen, not 3000 euros.

The glass broke to pieces.