Nobody knows when the earthquake will occur.

We're not listening.


The land to the northeast was low-lying.

Murray blames us.

Isaac wasn't hurt.

A ballet theater is a place in which I can study motion.

Merat has no desire to get John in trouble.

I suppose I'd do the same thing if I were you.

When I got home, I was very tired.

We are in part responsible for it.

What do you say to going for a drive now?

The sun is bright today.

I'd do anything for Chet.

The doctor is trying to solve many of the riddles of cancer.

Right on.

Yesterday, I met one of my former teachers.

I think you need to find yourself a part-time job.

He's completely shunned. I'm surprised he's still working here.

It's an impossible situation.

It would be too cold for me up there now.

I haven't heard from her.


A good programmer will influence everyone around him.

It's a long journey.

Prosody semantics is related to pragmatics.


Micah is a sculptor.

I have to go back to work now.

And just who might you be?

It'll be nice.

He thought that I'm very tired.

You're supposed to be in Boston.

He has so many friends, he wants enemies.

I can empathize with that.

Today's Tigers-Giants baseball game was called off due to heavy rain.

I'm not sure what she meant by that.

Bradford decided to ignore Clay's behaviour.

She buckled down to her work.

Dion is getting really desperate.

The mass is over.

It is important for you to read many books.

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The lifeless rocks nod their heads again and again.

We have 24 hours to evacuate the city.

It's just a picture I downloaded from the Internet.

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I'm going to the mall.

Manjeri is chopping heads off fish.

I almost died with embarrassment when I fell over in the street.

Jokes apart!

Lui seems to be in more pain than anyone else.

Tell Vince I'll get there as soon as I can.

I have discovered a restaurant near here which serves a good meal.

Don't shut the door with a bang.

Don't put anything on the box.

Is there anything you've been particularly interested in lately?

Do you need any more help?


The email address you entered is already in use.

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Dan denied having anything to do with Linda.


She cannot stop her.

A gang of three robbed the bank in broad daylight.

What would the prince like?


Home sweet home.

I thought we already did that.

Is everyone recovering?


That place is creepy.

The more people I meet, the more people like me.

We're in sync.


I think about Jonathan all day.

A guy I met in my physics class made a didgeridoo out of PVC pipe.

Malcolm hates sports.

I had no idea you didn't like carrots.

It wasn't a burglary.

Who asked me to come?

Loyd didn't marry the girl his parents wanted him to.

I didn't want anything.

If I could speak French half as well as you, I'd be happy.


If you want to go, then go. If you don't want to, then forget about it.

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The operation was a complete success.

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Life is good again.

He is without a doubt rich, but I don't trust him.

Your lawyers want to see you.


Lindsay didn't kill Floyd.

They had little information about geography.

You can shut up now.

Did you speak with them?

It was all a dream.


Polly hangs his clothes, then arranges them by color.

Let's go out for a walk.

Get a hold of yourself.

Are you nervous?

This is a book of children's stories.

I thought Reiner had a party last night.

We talk frequently.

I've been a groundskeeper for over 30 years now.

Don't play dumb.

Several of the original signatories, notably the countries with the largest military forces, declined to consider a new treaty.

Do you think maybe Marian planned all this?

Every time they talk, they argue.

Jeffie was taken completely by surprise.

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We are anticipating receiving a gift from our uncle.

Does anybody here speak French?

Cold and dry, splendid sunshine, what beautiful winter weather!

This woman is not from Syria.

Rupert was at the hospital the night Micheal died.

There's really nothing else to say.

You admitted that you were wrong.

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I'm going to Shirley's on Monday.

We kept together for safety.

The curry fish balls are one dollar each.


His long nose became at least two inches longer.


Those is just a boy.

Tomorrow we will attack again.

He was unaware of the enormity of the offense.

I think that it'll start raining soon.

I wrote my teacher a love letter and he read it in front of the whole class.


Our first lesson is math.

Kent spent three decades in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Have you had recent contact with Mr. Leblanc?

Don't ever say that to them.

This house is creepy.


I'm under a lot of pressure.

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I'm in a hurry today.


Everyone has a right to enjoy his liberty, much more his life.


The sun is shining above our heads.

Who did you go swimming with?

Musa is a really interesting guy.

Is the fax a modern form of the telegraph?

We need to conserve ammo.

It's way too heavy.

I would rather go today than tomorrow.

I make my own decisions.

It's in my pocket.


I do think I understand.


The girl sitting at the piano is my daughter.

It's when you teach foreigners Chinese that you realize just how flawed your own Chinese is.

Axel finds it difficult to keep up with the rest of the class.


Are you suggesting that you know more about this than I do?

I guess you don't have to worry about that anymore.

They'll take control of the situation.

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My memory is failing.

Kristin set his homework out on the table.

Why should I interfere?

I'm jealous of her.

Kate broke his heart by rudely demanding he go away.

"Little pig, let me come in." "Come in." "You know I'm the wolf." "Yes, I do. I hope you won't eat me, will you?"

Takayuki is playing with Phil's cat.

Wade looked puzzled.

You have changed.


Stop looking at me like that, you'll make me blush.

If you should find any mistakes, please let me know at once.

Pascal can't play the drums all that well.

Don't turn off the light.

Ima is the tallest in our class.

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This pasta is very healthy, in it you can find lots of vegetables!

I don't want Cecilia to lose his job.

I don't feel good.

Soon the plane begins to move, and then it takes off.

The battery is dead.

All of them except one have citizenship.

Tatoeba: Because you can't meet enough frenchies.

Ritalynne is uninsured.

The painting won't be sold.

Even I was defeated.

Every company has a firm business plan.

Sedat needs a raise.

Don't move these books.

Shirley declared himself Jack the Ripper's son.

This is an issue where there is a little bit of space between your position and my own.


What sort of book did you buy?

They're just doing their job.

She suggested to me that I call off the meeting.