What's the benefit of this?

I swam in the sea.

Will's least favorite color is blue-green.

I don't see why I should not do that.

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We're adaptable.

Is there much water in the dam?

This is not my cat.

Cary's house burned to the ground.

I am greatly blessed in my children.

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Boyce is playing fetch with his dog.

What difference did it make?

Do we really want all these cars polluting the air?

"Then I don't want it," I reply.

The causative voice in Uighur isn't simple.

I'm sure I've seen her before somewhere.

I'd better go check on him.

There are many stars larger than our sun.

I liked Carsten, but I wasn't really his friend.

Michael is the oldest of the three boys.

I just gave them 30 dollars.

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Shean was stunned.

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Your writing is very illegible.


She led a group of nuns called the Missionaries of Charity.

We better hurry.

I'm scared Mario is going to kill me.


Only God is omnipotent.

We tried in vain to talk him out of smoking.

I got up an hour earlier than usual.

He got bored quickly.

Marty seems to be progressing.

I want you to go see the nurse.

Nick entered the room and closed the door.

Do it any way you can.

Both body and spirit are nurtured.

Not only the students but also their teacher wishes for holidays.

Very beautiful. Thank you very much!


Our biggest problem is we only have three days to finish this.

I'll stay in Paris for seven days.

I would rather that the people should wonder why I wasn't President than why I am.

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"How much is this camera worth?" "About 100 dollars."

I felt comfortable.

Should we go have ramen together again?

Sabrina is still looking.

She's way out your league.


I had the best time of my life.


You're like an old woman.


They are chiseling a statue out of marble.

So... he has training three hours a day, five days a week.

I looked about for the mailbox.

I took the lift to the third floor.

The records of our discussions are kept by the secretary.


We are counting on spending two weeks in the Alps.

For me he is neither a brother nor an acquaintance.

The exercises are simple and effective.


Most schools are closed today.

We like seafood.

He is proud of never having been beaten in ping-pong.


Why is Don's car still here?

I have to go to the city.

The story is consistent with the evidence.

Panos freed the hostages.

I'd recognize Caroline anywhere.

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I thought this would make you happy.

Please fill out the attached application form.

Yes, mistress.


How do you make your money?

As soon as work is over, he makes a beeline for the pub.

Sharon bought this horse at an auction.

Maybe he died with a falafel in his hands.

Aksai Chin is claimed by India, but controlled by China.

I'll personally guarantee your safety.

He has a good ear for music.


Choose your favourite racket.

Marty has three cars.

There is no reason for you to feel inferior to anyone.

It's the most sophisticated model on the market.

It is finished.

This book is really interesting.

I think Diane hates my dog.

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The outlook is bleak.

Randy wondered what Edward thought of his new house.

She was beautiful and innocent.

Their plans have gone awry.

I said it wasn't your fault.

Life's a bitch, then you die.

He stood gazing at the sight with his mouth open.


He's looking at us.

She steals stuff.

I have a friend who can fly a helicopter.

Svante knows the risks.

Let's go back inside.

It's bad for your back.

Why couldn't you tell me?

Tammy isn't selling anything.

Let's try it this way.


Fortunate is he who is able to know the causes of things.

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I'll stay close.

She may have to quit her job next month.

Having found a number of small items missing from my house, I'm starting to think that my housekeeper has sticky fingers.

You can't handle it.

The scientific method accounts for measurable uncertainties.


That was considerate.

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I hope it will rain soon!

If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

You may swim now.


They continued cautiously.

I've been looking for him.

The sugar is in the bag.

He was ignorant of the fact that the town had been destroyed.

I'm supposed to be in my office right now.

I wish Masanobu would just go away.

Don't you understand what I'm trying to tell you?

Horses run.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


The employer must provide a safe working environment.

His silence was a practical admission of guilt.

Pierce is familiar with the situation.

It is getting colder and colder day by day.

Niels might be able to help us tomorrow.

That's the biggest elephant I've ever seen.

She dived into the swimming pool.


The ambassador was recalled from Warsaw.

I think that, as he's using addictive substances like thinner, the chance of rehabilitation is low.

Hotta, your father asked you a question.

I think there's no point in trying to convince him.

Don't ever let me catch you here again.


We cooked egg dishes.

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That knife came in very handy, didn't it.

You'll never know how much this means to me.

Alex let Valeria pay the bill.


It costs a lot to attend this school.

Let's meet here again tomorrow.

Have you put winter tyres on your car, yet?

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Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!

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Tal tried not to stare.

I didn't know you were interested.

When I was a student at MIT I used to eat at a certain restaurant in Boston.


I told you to wait over there.

We can't just look on dejectedly while this city continues to go into decline.

This is a textbook case illustrating, if need be, the necessity for collaboration by authorities across national borders, and the means to be deployed.

It can make some people, especially elderly people and infants, very ill.

It's remarkable.

In order to conquer the centre, we'll have to alienate the left wing of the party.

Irwin and Jagath enjoyed themselves at the party.

I heard that she was pregnant.

I count myself lucky to have such a devoted wife.


I arrived last night.

You are the master of your own destiny.

A lot of people have strong opinions about economic policy despite knowing very little about economics.

Hang on a minute. There's quite a few black chess pieces over there.

President Obama will not be satisfied until every American who wants work can find a job.

We have something even better.

Have you told Winston about what Spencer did?

We didn't do the right thing, did we?

I've been busy this week.


I need to renew my subscription.

You must bring home to him the importance of the matter.

Our records show that you haven't paid yet.

I don't want Huashi to think I'm crazy.

Per and Alice both married men younger than them.


I didn't like him much, in fact I hated him.


Please tell me when you are coming back.

He paid attention to my warning.

Where are you hiding now?