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Bridging the Governance Gap
Democratic governance is more than just being elected in a democratic way. This government of the people, by the people and for the people is built on ideas such as freedom of expression, participation of the people in deciding the factors governing their lives, public accountability of leaders, and an equitable distribution of power.

Nyaaya seeks to inform and educate people on areas that directly pertain to Democratic Governance so they can use tools that are available to them to stand up to threats to Democracy such as corruption and lack of transparency.
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Helping Victims seek Justice
While India is proudly the largest democracy in the world, there are many marginalised Indians who face daily discrimination and oppression in various ways. The law does offer protection and punishments in many situations, but the people who need it the most are unaware of them.

Nyaaya strives to achieve a fairer, more inclusive and rights-respecting community by providing reliable and practical information to identiy these wrongs and how to seek protection and justice. Our content is written and reviewed by lawyers in a plain, simple, easy-to-understand fashion so our readers can access reliable practical legal information that they can then act on.
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Better Justice and Legal System
A community informed about their legal rights and responsibilities is not only a stronger functioning democracay but it allows for early intervention to prevent legal problems from arising or escalating.Our topics on the justice and legal system are intended to build people’s capacity to resolve future disputes without legal assistance.