You're strange sometimes.

This is his handbag.

Let's talk about what to do with the stranger.

You're the only one who knows how to get to Randy's house.


He needs glasses.


How will I find it?


First, swallow one dose of barium.

Deb's mother was a wise woman.

What's that all about?

We are one, after all, you and I, together we suffer, together exist and forever will recreate each other.

Naoto is only a few years older than me.

May I look at the menu?

Memorising the cards in a deck in order is certainly a difficult task, but manageable.

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The assembly line brings efficiencies through the division of labour, but the supervisor decides from day to day about the assignment of jobs.

Let's be realistic.

Beckie went out.

Are you helping them?

Other lands, other customs.

No, I'm not a teacher. I'm only a student.

The president instructed the employees to improve their productivity.

Here's a basket full of fruit.

The number of looks equals the number of people.

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Mah needs more money.

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To know oneself is not easy.

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I'm thirty now.

I thought I'd check out what's happening in Boston.

The money involved isn't insignificant.


I believe this is a case in point.


Could you bring us the bill, please?

I left Clyde in 2013.

The cows are milked at six.

This didn't work.

Eliot could tell that Huey was bored.

Nils taught Heidi how to play chess.

Deb was supposed to come.

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Theoretically, I'm for it, but this could never be implemented in the real world.

You don't always have to tell the truth, but it's usually better if you do.

I remember the day when the accident happened.

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Did you read that book I gave you?


You should try to help them.


It's great fun.

The files are missing.

Piete says he already knows the answer.


The German soccer team beat Brazil convincingly.

You shouldn't have told him about the plan.

Kees isn't helping any.

He made superhuman efforts to maintain world peace.

He jumped into the water with a splash.

I think I can help you find Linder.

All of the flowers are paper.

So, I was right?

Loukas texted with Gideon late into the night.

Happiness is determined by your heart.

They live on potatoes around here.

These are my grandchildren.

Owen has worked very hard.


I heard Case was looking for me.


I went a different way.

Wait here until I return.

Joni noticed the mistake and corrected it.

Did you buy Vladimir a dog?

She cleaned out all of the kitchen cupboards.

She was better than I expected.

Game is very tasty.

That is what I have wanted to buy.

I'm really busy right now.

I told him to wear sunblock.

Tango and the small boy were the only friend to each other because they knew no one else in the village.

I think we need to replace the valve.

Company A is trying to play us off against Company B in a severe price-war.

I'm not used to having people question my decisions.

If Persians seem extraordinarily polite, perhaps it is because politeness is built into their language.

The mass of people are against the plan.

Nowadays children do not play outdoors.

Come close, young heroes!

We use words to tell somebody something, that is, to communicate.

Life is wonderful.

Their intimacy grew with the years.

My father had already finished breakfast when I got up this morning.

Please fix this.


I'm convinced Ima had nothing to do with what happened.


Human nature can't possibly be so despicable as to be based on the loathsome attitude that is neutrality.


His failure resulted from his carelessness.

A cunt remains a cunt!

You must never forget that.

I want to leave Paris.

I can take it from here.

What're you eating?

Can I count on your support?

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They must abandon the idea.

I haven't seen her in three months.

We're halfway there.


He nodded to show that he agreed with me.

This offer is available for five days.

I want to go back to doing what I was doing before you interrupted me.

This is Edward.

How long does it take to get to the airport with the airport bus?


She was named Elizabeth after her aunt.

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He was right behind me.

Latin Americans know very little about the history of the indigenous peoples who used to live here several centuries ago.

I cannot help laughing at you.

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I just need a little time.

I said I would help you.

Ladies and gentlemen, please be welcomed.


In the summer I go to the pool every day.

Andy rarely wears dark colors.

I'd just like to talk with Clifford before we leave.

Carsten had often heard about Marlena, but hadn't yet met her.

Everyone on board was safe.

I know the potential consequences.

What you said is correct.


I didn't speak with Terri.


The level of education of contemporary people is far higher than it has been in the past.

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You and Edgar were childhood friends, right?


Ragnar likes to go fishing alone.


Dawson asked Gregge if he could borrow her bicycle.

Her sudden appearance in the doorway surprised us.

We're only here to help them.

Karl's not a bad kid.

We're moving in together.

I'm heading downtown.

Eduardo did it simply for the money.

That name doesn't ring any bells.

My cat is really smart.


He set her mind at rest.

I'd like to make sure of the time.

Joni often fails to keep his word.

The South had won the Battle of Chancellorsville.

Sanjeev fixed Pratt's satellite receiver.

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Where did you shake hands with them?

I just want to be ready.

Sridhar is tactful.


Polly asked me what I expected.


It's made of brass.


What do you do here so early?

Denis feels homesick.

Fish can be dry and tasteless if it's overcooked.

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Herb took off his hat and bowed down to them.

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Sometimes we have to serve our man as a slave.

Antonella saw muddy footprints on the floor.

The number of Japanese who live on bread has increased.

She likes dogs so much that even in the desert she feeds dirty dogs.

Your encouraging words are very valuable to me.

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His lie complicated matters.


I know you want to see them.


Will Charles ever forgive me?


I'm more famous.

Nobody really wants us here.

You don't look like a priest.

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Aren't you Mann?

Life would be so much better if you didn't care so much.

It's a lot of fun to climb that mountain.

Let's watch TV.

She can't control her emotions.

There still weren't any visible signs of spring.

Where is the stage door?

I never really thought about it.

As a rule, he arrives at the office at about nine-thirty in the morning.