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Due to communications challenges during the response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 9/11 Commission recommended the establishment of a single, interoperable network for public safety. For years, public safety organizations lobbied Congress to make this recommendation a reality. Therefore, when Congress established the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) in 2012, it based its mission on public safety’s express concerns and desires.

To truly design the FirstNet network for public safety by public safety – a distinction that makes it unique in American telecommunications history – FirstNet continuously consults with local, state/territory, tribal and federal public safety agencies across the country.

Over the past several years, FirstNet has collaborated with public safety stakeholders and leadership from each state and territory. Never before has the public safety community had the opportunity to provide input towards the creation of a nationwide broadband network tailored specifically to meet their needs as they save lives and protect communities across the nation.

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FirstNet wireless coverage will reach more than 99 percent of Americans, extending to 2.74 million square miles, covering 76.2 percent of the continental United States and the District of Columbia. FirstNet will provide the same services, support, and capabilities that are provided on the mainland to public safety responders in Hawaii and Alaska. FirstNet service will also be provided on all five of the U.S. island territories. FirstNet primary users will receive priority and preemption across the entire nationwide LTE network.


The FirstNet network is complemented by a suite of public-safety driven solutions that provide additional value to first responders.


The FirstNet applications ecosystem provides a highly secure, reliable, and interoperable network of applications for the public safety community. From the application storefront and developer tools to the middleware and back-end storage solutions, the FirstNet application ecosystem is designed to enable developers to rapidly innovate within a governance structure aimed at applying prevailing industry standards […]

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Advanced, customized apps developed for public safety’s sake
As you are reading this, application developers are building apps to help improve the performance and efficiency of first responders and agencies alike. Soon, FirstNet apps will enable first responders to help improve situational awareness, enable simpler communication and share mission-critical information.

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The hub for first responder and public safety news

FirstNet provides public safety agencies with control over and visibility into the FirstNet network operational status and site conditions. Local control is a key feature of the FirstNet solution, providing a powerful capability to optimize the user experience through a single convenient home page location. It provides public safety agencies the ability to manage user accounts and devices, manage user priority levels and adjust if needed during a time of crisis, monitor the network status in real-time, and manage Push-to-Talk users.

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Tomorrow’s leading public safety apps start here
The FirstNet solution includes an application development platform that encourages developers to explore and embrace FirstNet. The FirstNet Applications Developer Program is an incubator to foster interoperability and increase the quality and usability of public safety applications.