The nurse wore scrubs.

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You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep-seated need to believe.

I didn't expect help from Rhonda.

He once had a lot of land.

We played poker the entire day.

Mara didn't say anything.

I don't think that story is true.

Joanne makes his own bed every morning.

Olivier said he thought we shouldn't go to Lois's party.

I have nothing left to lose.

My favorite color is orange.

They went to the zoo.


Close the curtains so the neighbors can't see in.


I can get to the station before you do.

Someone visited her yesterday.

When did you start studying Latin?


I'm on call today.


There was nothing for us to do.

Who was driving the car?

Here's a short list.

Terrance couldn't find the words to express how he was feeling.

What do you use this for?

We aren't always right.

The only metal that a metal detector can detect is the metal in another metal detector. That fact was instrumental in my parents' meeting.


I like being with her.

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I'm afraid of the bus.

It is impossible to finish this in two days.

Is something wrong with you?

Don't jinx me.

Give me a call later, OK?


Literature flourishes best when it is half a trade and half an art.

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In the Quran there is a part about Saint Norman and the birth of Jesus Christ.

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What happened affected my whole family.

I said, "Five months worth of the Pill, please," and was told "Certainly."

We need a car big enough for the whole family.

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Peggy is a puritan.

We all looked out the window to see what was happening.

He was poor and couldn't buy a coat.


How much is it?

Lucy called already?

An income tax is levied on any income that exceeds deductions.

I will teach you a tough lesson!

I'm studying voice at a college of music.


There are 40 students in my class.

Do you think your parents spent enough time with you when you were in your teens?

My grandmother's mother is my "great grandmother," so my great grandmother's mother is my "great great grandmother"? Is that right?


No sooner had she caught sight of me than she started running in my direction.

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I love the scenery you can see from the bullet train.

How much coffee do you think Jesus drinks every day?

Just you try!

That cloth is made from cotton.

He used to come here to take the treatment.


What made them so mad?

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Kylo saw Eddie's car in the garage.


Saify slapped Anatoly on the back.

They are short of funds.

What is on at the theater this month?

Both Barbara and Micheal were born in Boston.

The first president of the USA died on the last hour, of the last day, of the last week, of the last month, of the last year of the seventeen nineties.

I didn't order fish.

They cast furtive glances at one another.

Children belong with their parents.

I hope Vijay is having a lot of fun.

Don't hide your face.

The Oort Cloud is believed to surround our solar system and reach over halfway to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, which is 150,000 astronomical units away.

He didn't seem to pay much attention to you.

What does she want?

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I rolled out of bed.

I am so sick of working.

What did Ella Fitzgerald sing?

Kim is just as old as I am.

I can't go along with what you said.


They don't have the directions to my house.

That would do the trick.

May I go out for a walk?

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There was a bridge there.


I don't want to kill you.


Don't forget to tell them.

We go to school together.

Let's just forget it.

We'll notify her.

This corporation is well known for its communication equipment.

They had good flashes of inspiration about this plan.

It takes approximately 4.6 Earth years for Ceres to make one revolution around the Sun.

It isn't the graying hair nor the number of years which makes "age"; a person is old when they've lost their sense of humour and aren't interested in anything anymore.

The train was delayed on account of a heavy snow.

Some people think so.

I'm not annoying anyone, am I?

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There's nobody else.

May I assist you?


I'd like to stay here as long as possible.

That only happens occasionally.


You did the right thing.

I'll wait and see.

Takayuki is still my friend.

There was nothing here but remote wilderness.

I'm not going to marry him.

She doesn't like living downtown.

We always like what we don't have.


Sonny looks guilty.

Why did Sofia abandon me?

Her question puzzles me.


I know what Lars is likely to do.

Cary says that he has to go to Boston the day after tomorrow.

She's the woman I desire.

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I'm in the car.


This dog is taught to bark at strangers.

At last, the day has arrived for us to act.

I'm not going to apologize. What are you going to do about it?

"The semantic subject of this sentence is 'this sentence,' but its grammatical subject is 'the semantic subject of this sentence'" is an example of a sentence benefitting from punctuation.

Jochen is no longer living in Boston.


They deserve what they get.

Poems are made in about the same way that we make guns. We take a hole, and we put something around it.

I'm relying on my friend to turn in the report for me.

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She will be here this evening.

We'd better go back in.

Liyuan borrowed some money from us.


Today is not your day.

He would like to take part in the competition.

How was your day today?

Now he has teeth and he can bite.

Antonella tells me everything.


I was glad to see my old friends.

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Linda does not dance much now, but I know she used to a lot.

We were supposed to meet at the restaurant, but Juan never showed up.

I must apologize for the delay.

I didn't know that you loved her so much.

Stevan couldn't find work.


It was very awkward.

I'm taller than he is.

I want to send this letter to Japan.

You take after your mother. You remind me of her.

I think you will approve.

How silly of me!

We will have been studying English for five years next February.


I've seen what happens when you don't follow the rules.

Tanya is parked across the street.

She's promised to give me a ring.


I can't help feeling sorry for the girl.

Yesterday, a farewell party was held for Mr. Jones.

I concede the argument.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

They were standing still with their eyes wide open.

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He weighs 270 pounds.

In fact, the difference between Bristish English and American English is more important than between standard Flemish and the standard Dutch of the Netherlands.

Everyone seeks happiness.

Plastic put the engagement ring on Bert's finger.

She's too young to get a driving licence.

Tomorrow I will harvest grapes.

A pleasant trip to you!

Is there something wrong with your phone?

He is fresh from college.


Shankar still has my umbrella.

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I've forgotten how to read.

I'm supposed to meet Wolfgang here in a few minutes.

Titan's black rivers and black lakes of methane were a sight to behold with ringed Saturn and the faint distant sun in the cloudy horizon.

Do you think they noticed?

Theodore picked up his helmet and put it on.