"Do you really like me?" "Yes." "Won't you tell me why you like me recently?"

Are you guys OK?

I forgot what to do.

My parents prohibited me from seeing Darin again.

Would you like to do something else?

We're from Germany.

Say goodbye.

Are you not frightened?

No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

This global company follows generally accepted accounting principles.

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What else did you tell them?

I don't understand your question.

They can't believe it.

We need to fight against women's oppression.

Joubert is interested in ancient Egyptian history.

He kissed her neck.

Do come again.

Jin didn't tell me that you were so beautiful.

Somebody took a shot at him.

Dan didn't even comment on Linda's picture.

It's the funniest dog in the world.

The subtlety of this modern empire building puts the Roman centurions, the Spanish conquistadors, and the (...) European colonial powers to shame. Today we do not carry swords. We do not wear armor or clothes that set us apart. (...) It is how the system works. We seldom resort to anything illegal because the system itself is built on subterfuge, and the system is by definition legitimate.

It's up to you whether you study or not.

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Do you want me to give Mysore something?


Colin looked inside.

Are you calling me a liar?

Emmett used to play second base for his high school's baseball team.

We're going to do the best we can.

It is very easy to ask questions the answers to which, we have the strongest reasons to believe, will never be known to any Human being.

Suu is right here with me.

Is Sharon in?


I will need your help.


I don't think we have anything to explain.

He bought his daughter a new computer for her birthday.

Show, don't tell.

The wind blew in from sea.

A bad cold has kept me from studying this week.

I never once thought of that.

Roger wanted to teach Bucky a lesson.

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It'll be very hot tomorrow.


She was absent from school because of sickness.

There were nineteen graduates for the batch of Spanish class.

He jumped up the steps three at a time.


I stopped asking questions.

Manavendra thought Pascal could help.

Would you tell them for me?

I lost my receipt. Can I still get a refund?

They want to donate money.

The wind blew her hair into her eyes.

Ginny is looking really good.

I not only borrowed money from Dimitry, but also from his wife.

I got this book from him.

Arnold put the magazine back on the coffee table.

Ask Elsa not to wait for me.

Buenos Aires is the city they visit the most.

She wishes to purchase a book.

Mistakes happen said the hedgehog and stepped off the hairbrush.

What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

I hate it when you pretend like you don't know me.

There is no doubt that his sons are good boys.


Let me go in place of him.

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Pharamp wants Trang all for herself.


Don't understand a thing.

Hohn had a good time when he was in Boston.

People don't always speak in full sentences.

The man injured in the accident was taken to the hospital.

Taking advantage of the popular boom in Korean drama, workers selling Korean goods have increased.


How about going out for lunch?


Earle has a receding hairline.

She tried to express juice from the orange.

Svante takes the lead!

Boston is like my second home.

I'm Donald's administrative assistant.

I was stuck there for hours.

In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers.

Ramesh stood on his head.

With so much contradictory information, one no longer knows what type of oils should be used for cooking.

You should apologize to her.

His sudden appearance surprised us all.


Stephe is going through a difficult time.

Mr Koizumi is really full of himself.

Perhaps that's the answer.

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It was your mistake.


Did they take the wrong bus again?

This is the last time.

Hey, can you help me with something?

The town is supplied with water from a reservoir in the hills.

Angus says that's my biggest fault.

I like your room.

He wants to be different.

I'll be in Boston just for the weekend.

Ravindran thinks Stewart is lying.

Troops inside the walls were well protected.

Have I forgotten anything?

We need a distraction.

I'm not surprised you didn't go there with Delbert.

There are four members in my family.

We have quite a lot to talk about.


I'm confused enough as it is.

Let's draw lots to decide who goes first.

I do think so.

We tried to stop Raul.

Wendy has lost a lot of weight recently.


The rest of the sentence after "Hello" should be italicized.

I'd like to make a reservation for 6 o'clock tomorrow.

At first, I thought it was a stupid idea, but I eventually realized what a good idea it was.


I've got to do this now.

Have you put up your Christmas tree already?

Someone must have stolen your watch.

If you want to come over, call first.

"Yes, I did," he said.

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He works hard and he is honest.


Could you give me some change for this ten dollar bill?


King Ahasuerus loved Esther.

That game was rigged.

Where in Australia are you from?

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She was dreaming of starting a family.

Can you play an instrument?

That scares me.

We should make sopa paraguaya.

I'm already starving.

Sea, fire, and woman, three disasters.

The old dog can bark, but cannot bite anymore.

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I would love to read a book on the history of laughter.

He had a bad day.

You're like him.

He meant it.

I didn't know when to switch the machine off.

Install a vending machine in our office.

I'd like to try this.

Is that too much?

Vern knew what he had to do.

I like that necklace.

Why are you memorizing this poem?

The injured person wailed with pain after recovering from the anaesthesia.

She had black and shining eyes.


We are two men short.


Gentlemen, allow me to say a few words in greeting.


Most shops near the school are closed on Saturdays now.

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I have seen loads of concerts.


I was chuffed with the result.

For the most part I will agree with what he said.

Alf wears a gold wristwatch.

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There were a lot of empty seats the day I went.


Please give him a call.

The wildest colt makes the best horse.

Could you come over and help me this afternoon?


It's awful.

This doesn't mean anything.

Add two to three, and you get five.

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I didn't think you were still alive.


Will you go with us?

The book is too expensive.

Never ask for the obvious.

Aren't you happy?

Because of the bad weather, he couldn't come.


"I'm not sleeping. I'm always just skiving off." "That way's even worse!"

I side with a weaker party.

I did that all by myself.

Why are you asking so many questions?

There turned out to be sooooo many people at the office!

Pradeep left immediately.

I don't like trains.

The Vietnamese are very hospitable.

He made amends for his mistakes.