I have no intention of going to the party with you.

Actually, Rafik is my boss.

His speech was very poor.

Don't scold her. She's too young to understand.

I don't want you to say anything.

Bob is very timid and blushes when chatting with girls.

The initiative measurably improved quality of life for the villagers.

Could you get it for me now?


Jerry became an alcoholic.


He showed me round the park.

She denied knowing anything about their plans.

Money enables you to buy anything.


Myron is dying.

I'm not a fan of Kim Kardashian.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" "Certainly not."

Pratapwant doesn't speak any French.

I'm looking for Space. You don't know where he is, do you?

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He knows us very well.

She turned down his invitation.

Yesterday was the first day of autumn.

In mathematics, a straight line is defined by two points.

Emma said he doesn't think that's going to happen.

Jim has gone to London.

You forgot to practice?

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I don't know what we can do.

The students around her were talking about the test.

Women are finding out that many different roles are open to them.

Sandwiches taste better with jam.

She reserved a room.

This song sounds sad.

Daniel sat with friends around a big table in the center of the room.

Why don't you go with her?

We both overreacted.

We pressed on, regardless.

We are finally free.

Tarmi died a long time ago.

We have ample funds in hand.


Can they see the picture?

They won't put up with this, when they find out.

That's what I'm betting.

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There's not a whole lot happening here at the moment.


It shines on the beautiful sea.

I used to take a walk every morning.

I don't believe this is true.

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I have a pretty good idea where Narendra might be.

Space makes supper for me every evening.

I called her office, but no one answered.


French bread is very popular in Brazil.

Fritz went upstairs to his room.

Karl is pretty sure that he'll pass today's exam.


Cathy didn't help me at all.

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Do you know what's become of Donna?


Russian girls love Icelanders.

I don't know if I should turn right or left.

Anita invited Christofer and her friends to dinner.

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One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry.

A fire broke out in the neighborhood yesterday.

Prisons aren't enough.

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Too bad.


He is by nature a kind fellow.

Jane frequently mentions the books she has been reading.

How large are they?

I baked some cookies for them.

You've lost your umbrellas.

Is Albert cute?

You're bleeding!

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If it had not been for your help, my father would have failed.


Your sudden appearance has surprised me.


He is able to play the flute.


I had to decline the invitation because I was ill.

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I think it certain that our team will win.


Whales are similar to fish in shape.

Lorenzo arrived by car.

That's complicating the matter.

Do you know anyone who knows about architecture?

I can't possibly accept this.

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Ask him to attend the meeting.

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We cannot see our own faces without a mirror.

Who's going to tell them?

I suspected he was a liar.

Manavendra has a nice apartment.

It's nice of you to come.

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They were walking two abreast.

I do my own thing.

I didn't want Brent to overhear our conversation.

Jesus's taste in music is similar to mine.

I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're talking.

You're just being silly.

Let's hope everything gets better tomorrow.

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I am afraid she is ill.


Dalton wasn't the right guy for Page.

Louisiana belonged to France.

My sister works as a secretary at a bank.

It's the first time I put a cigarette out before finishing it.

Where are the police?


Where did Frances get all this stuff?

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I've been working since I was fourteen years old.

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I wouldn't recommend that.


I'm having sex with you.

Why didn't you mention this before?

Niels seems unable to do that.

The adrenal glands secrete adrenalin.

That was very helpful.

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I want to try some different ideas.

There is nothing as important as friendship.

I haven't forgotten Kathleen.

Now tell me, are you a good person?

Want of wit is worse than want of gear.

You deserve better than that.

I told him what happened.

I will not want to redo it.

When's it over?


Ralf hasn't been responding to my texts.

Nobody else knew Ami was going to be here.

It goes without saying that camels are very useful in the Middle East.

He attended the meeting in place of his boss.

He yields to nobody in love of music.


Linguistic resources are far more valuable if they are unencumbered by share-alike or viral licences.

A mental block stopped me from speaking.

Bea expected it.

May I ask for your phone number?

On the beach, I can spend time with friends.

Price was sipping her margarita.

The time has come when I will make myself more manifest in the church, through increasingly greater signs.


Someone needs to take the bin out.


His family moved around quite a lot.


I have no desire to try.

Like breeds like.

We'll need to ask Thomas for permission.

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Geoff tried to put on a happy face.


A little stage fright is normal before a concert.

I've spent a lot of time in casinos.

They pushed her aside.

My opinion has changed.

Skef is aware of his shortcomings.

The sun comes up in the east and goes down in the west.

Imogen of the Internet looks rather svelte after six hours of Photoshop.


The box was heavy, but he managed to carry it.

Judy tells me everything.

He is unmarried and has no brothers or sisters.

We are at the end of the Age of Pisces and will be entering the Age of Aquarius.

I can't afford the time for a journey.

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I have never been good at French.

The coldest place in Canada is the research base Eureka, in Nunavut.

We bought new uniforms to wear at the game.


Please tell me what that means.


That seems reasonable.

The airplane was redirected to Munich, because of the fog.

On a good day, you can see the coast of Estonia from Helsinki.

Look, Jesse, we don't have time for this.

Now be a good boy or I'm going to send you to Oberon.


It is difficult to keep up a conversation with someone who only says Yes and No.

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There really is no comparison.

What in the world do you want to do?

I've lived in Boston most of my life.