Their behavior was disgraceful.

Russ cut the apple in two.

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I advise you to listen to him.


You may give the book to whoever wants it.

Toft asked Varda to help John clean the garage.

Stanley is very decisive, isn't he?

Would you tell Vickie that Johan phoned?

She was aching from head to foot.


I lent my pencil to him.


With all his faults, he is respected by everybody.


You're the only person I know besides myself who doesn't like watching baseball.

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I believe this is by far the best of all the plans they proposed.

Nikolai and Rafael bought an old farm.

I fish almost every day.


Why is she in the church?

Nobody supports my country.

She won't be back till five.


We don't know what the future holds for us.


Ben, if anything, is a sensible man.

Stanislaw asked Duke to help me.

It's difficult to live in this city.

Vadim didn't know where to go.

They lived high on the hog for so long, and now they can't adjust to a simple life without luxuries.

The fourteenth was the furthest from my mind... or was it the fifteenth?

I don't like to wear shoes without socks.

She was wearing a white T-shirt.

My plan for the summer is to go to Europe.

Johan is slightly tipsy.

How much does this book cost?

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They robbed me blind.

I'm the one you want.

The bribery scandal cast doubts on the government.

I just wanna strip my clothes off!

It's not for sale.

He built hospitals and helped the people of Africa improve their lives.

I'm sure we all feel that way.

When the little boy was told by his mother, "We are here to help other people," he asked, "What are the other people for?"

I want you to call home now.


Welcome back, Reinhard. We've missed you.


She takes great pride in her stamp collection.


I wish my daughter would dress more modestly.


What would you like to know?

"This is ..." "Working glove and trowel. One of a gardening club's basic tools"

You're wrong about them.


He started from Tokyo to Paris.


That athlete won three times in a row in this tournament.

Mr. Taylor wishes he hadn't come to the party.

What I mean is this.

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

I completely understand that.

He looked away when he saw me as if we were strangers.

The Denver Broncos have won the Super Bowl.

He told him he was adopted with his last breath.

Major left his passport at home.


There she blows!


He interfered with the fans.


No one is at fault.

Ning has different plans.

Subra wants to leave, but he can't.

He told of his adventures with animation.

We can do nothing about it.

Wow! It's been a long time.

We each went to our respective homes.

She glanced through the magazine.

Choose your favorite racket.


The forest fire began to spread in all directions.

Uri was in the firing line when his boss left it to him to field questions from angry shareholders.

I get the distinct impression that somebody doesn't want Sonja to leave.

Would you mind helping Dwight with his homework?

It's impossible to release his foot from the trap.

"Let's go together to the forest," the wolf said to the lamb. - "Ok, Uncle Wolf," the lamb replied.

"That's why I've come late." "I see"

It's not negotiable.

I think I'm about to get fired.


The island is cut off far from the mainland.

I am afraid that I shall not be free till the examination is over.

I'm skinny.

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What time does that restaurant close?


What is the exchange rate?

He is nothing of a scholar.

The situation is deteriorating.

Excuse me, though I'm a stranger, please let me get a word in.

You were terrific.

She was about to start.

Why haven't you told your parents?

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This is a really terrible plan.

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I have no place that I can say I'm from.


I think they've injected me with poison.


Kevin wished he could understand French.


Waiter, may I have the bill please?


Pratt doesn't need to call me.

He turned down her request for a day off.

Please don't forget to put stamps on the letters that I gave you to mail.

Shakil saved himself.

You're buying those, right?


Traveling abroad is one of my favorite things.

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For my part, having you lot with me is more reassuring than the police or anything!

He is busy writing a letter.

I was working late.


In the Babylon 5 space station, G'Kar is a Narn ambassador.

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Kevan doesn't play video games.


"He did right," the colonel nodded.


Don't compare your children with others.

Who told Chip that?

From the inside, the Earth is very hot.

He says the sweetest things.

Mario was always a quiet child.

This is how he smiled at me.

The roof was blown off by the explosion.

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Do you know when he'll get back?

I lived in Sanda City last year.

Did God really create the earth in a single day?


Anne has lost a lot of blood.

Martha's Vineyard looks a lot like Sylt.

I will not presume to give an opinion.


You broke it.

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Robbin sticks out like a sore thumb.

I can't buy that car - it costs an arm and a leg.

What do you call llamas in flames? Llamas in flames call llamas in flames "llamas in flames."

Ignore them.

That shop has many customers.

I'm sick of French.

I'm one of Ernst's best friends.

Could you please tell Major I need to talk to him?

People used to think that only humans could use language.


I don't do this kind of business.


I married them.

Dalton was wearing clothes similar to John's.

Price isn't an issue.


John's father has some knowledge of French.


Judy cannot distinguish between reality and imagination.

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I wanted to get you the hell out of there.

Tommy wanted to come, too.

It is difficult to replace an employee that is as qualified as he is.


We used the computer in order to save time.

Do you even know what sexism means?

You can't get ahead if you don't work hard.


The plate slipped out of my hands.


Is Mr. Ozawa going to be the next manager?

The escaped convicts agreed to part ways.

I'm going to help her.

You may have to help them.

Hurry up, otherwise you'll be late for lunch.

She seemed surprised to hear her name called from behind.

The top of the mountain was covered in snow.


Kids will take a chance - if they don't know, they'll have a go.


Roxane used to tell me stories about Australia.

Dan wore white tennis shoes.

Everybody knows I hate you.


You have good instincts.