Patagonia Chile South America

South America is a hot travel destination this year with many exciting cities and unique natural wonders to visit. The continent has many tourism options – whether you’re looking to relax on one of Rio de Janeiro’s famous beaches, learn the Tango in Buenos Aires, find spiritual wonders in Machu Picchu, venture through the massive Amazon rainforest or explore the ends of the earth in Patagonia.

These are the Top 5 Trending South American Travel Destinations:

5 Irresistible San Diego Activities

San Diego California

You may think that some of the most visited sites in San Diego might be overrated or a typical tourist attraction, but that may not be the case all the time. Though San Diego is one of the most visited cities in California, some of their most popular sites are the most visited for a reason- cause they are irrestible! We have listed the "5 Irrestible San Diego Activities" you must do when visiting this historical city. Majority of them you might’ve heard of before, but that does’t mean you can’t experienc something old in a new and exciting way!

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