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Give Your Audience the Opportunity
to Connect with Speakers and Panelists

KeynoteFollowUp makes it possible for your speakers and panelists to receive submissions
from attendees and respond with answers. Your event, only better.


How KeynoteFollowUp Works For You

Add Your Event
Enable Online Q&A
Boost Engagement
Generate Revenue

The ABC Angel Investor Conference is offering feedback
from Executive Keynote Speakers, for a fee

It's free for you to use. Enable either free or paid
attendee submissions for each event

Generate Revenue

Engagement Made Easy

KeynoteFollowUp allows your audience to submit questions, business plans, music, art and more to your speakers and receive feedback. As the event coordinator, you configure the submission types. You control what can be submitted and the number of submissions allowed.

Offer Free Online Q&A

What People Say About KeynoteFollowUp

I can get ideas for adjusting my presentation from the questions I receive.

Brittani Presley
RMJ Board Memeber

KeynoteFollowUp gives me direct access to people I otherwise could not reach.

Tom Coates
Tech Entrepreneur

This is adding value for our event and increasing attendee satisfaction scores.

Glen Hall
President Consilium HSG

Use KeynoteFollowUp to Offer Direct Contact Opportunities
with Your Speakers, Presenters and Panelists