Fantastic Veggie Food at Non-vegetarian Restaurants

Friends and family, veggie or not, celebrating together


myveggiefriendandme ChefDo you have a vegetarian in your life, or are you yourself a vegetarian? Doubtless then you will have noticed that even when you’re lucky enough to have found a little green ‘v’ on the menu, it's all too often a vegetable lasagne or a goat’s cheese tart, or if the chef's feeling particularly adventurous, a concoction made up of quinoa, fennel and beetroot. Now as delicious as it may have sounded the first time around, even a mushroom risotto can lose its appeal after a while…

But every now and again, at home or abroad, you stumble across a little gem of a place, where the chef has devoted his or her talent and imagination to creating sumptuous dishes to suit all palates, and has put as much thought into the vegetarian fare as they have the rest of the menu. Et Voila! Everybody's happy!

Well we think that these places are worth sharing, so we created

Great cafes, bars and restaurants crop up everywhere. Tell us about them so that others might discover them too, and in return, you never know, the perfect veggie-friendly place might be just around the corner, right under your nose.


Let’s share our experiences so that EVERYONE can enjoy the best of everything, TOGETHER!

Vegetarians are not exclusive. They want to mix. They want to eat and drink and dance alongside everybody else.


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