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What is ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?

Erectile dysfunction is the very commonly observed sexual disease between men in age group 40-70. Erectile dysfunction is the lack power to bring erection and maintain during the sexual activity or masturbation activity. During last decade there was very few cases have been observed but as lifestyle and eating habits changed this disorder became very famous. This disorder is majorly known as “Impotence”.

Primarily this disease was common in aged men but now day it has been observed in younger age group within 30-40. Major reason to hit this age group is junk food eating and heavy alcohol consumption. At early stage once it is diagnosed it can be cured by proper medication and exercise solutions but when it comes to sexual topics people feel ashamed of disclosing in front of everybody. Because of this embarrassment many times this disease spread hands and now we can see there is growing percentage of ED patients.

Recent there was one survey published – “Almost 50% of men in South Africa are affected by Erectile Dysfunction”.

Another factor is society, because of fear of the society patients are hesitating to go to doctor and consult. If Erectile Dysfunction encountered at early stage it can be solved completely.

What is Sildenafil Citrate?

A decade back when research over Erectile Dysfunction started and scientist found Sildenafil Citrate compound can be helpful for blood flow increase into the penis. Medical elaboration about erectile dysfunction is lack of erection which means less blood flow into penis. It is known erection is the resultant of blood flow in some extra quantity into penis. Scientist was in search of medical solution that will relax smooth muscles which can open pathway and let blood flow to penis continuously. They found Sildenafil Citrate which is PDE5 inhibitor as the solution.

Along with erectile dysfunction sildenafil citrate helps to cure pulmonary arterial hypertension which is very rare type of disorder. Sildenafil citrate is marketed with many names by various companies such Viagra, Revatio.

What is Viagra?

After confirmation about the utilization of sildenafil citrate for the oral care of erectile dysfunction it has been registered with various names by pharmaceutical companies. Viagra is popular to be the first ever erectile dysfunction or impotency curing medicine in the market which has significant results. Basically Viagra which has sildenafil (PDE5 inhibitor) helps erectile dysfunction patient to gain erection when patient is sexually stimulation.

Consumption of Viagra to treat your erection issue can offer you improvement in your sexual carrier from both ways i.e. psychological and physical. As sex is directly related to your relationship, if it improves you will find your relationship going from happy road without any stress and issues. When you start course of Viagra, day by day improves your confidence as whenever you face your sex time you always find yourself erected and ready to rock. According to human nature anything you observe repeatedly, it becomes fact for us and thing changes.

Once you find yourself pretty sure about using Viagra you can directly purchase it online without any hassle and your secret will be at your doorstep in few clicks.

What is the difference between Viagra and Sildenafil?

Many people always curious about Viagra and Sildenafil, as they do not have much idea about ED cure medicines. For them who are confused with Viagra and sildenafil, here is the answer.

Sildenafil citrate is PDE5 inhibitor which works as catalyst when men is sexually aroused and it helps to gain strong erection by sending high amount of blood into penis. When sildenafil is approved by FDA, Pfizer Company registered an application for the manufacturing of medicine that contain Sildenafil Citrate for impotency treatment.

Viagra is the brand name patented by Pfizer and it is the marketing product name of Sildenafil Citrate. Now day many other Non Us manufacturing companies offering same compound with different name such as suhagra, generic Viagra, generic sildenafil.

Same situation is there for Tadalafil & Cialis, Stendra & Avanafil, Levitra & Vardenafil.

Choosing the Correct Dosage

Choosing correct dosage of Viagra is learn and earn situation and once you get confident it is win win situation. Whenever you consult your doctor regarding your erection issue, first he check your regular body check up report and according to your current physical situation, he suggest dosage of Viagra according to his judgement.

Of course, every man has his own tolerance and capacity. Generally doctor and even Viagra expert official suggest to start with 50mg but it can be raised upto 100mg and reduced to 25mg.

There are some online pharmacies offer generic versions and they provide various Viagra versions such as Viagra Gold having dosage capacity 800mg which ideal for extremely high experienced men.

How To Take Viagra?

As Viagra is the sexual enhancer it has to react with body to show results. When men is sexually stimulated that time due to some chemical reactions Viagra show it's effect. So keep in mind Viagra is only taken when you are sexually stimulated. You cannot be a rockstar just by taking a medicine; you need a guitar in hands.

It is recommended by doctors to have Viagra before 30 mins to 1 hour before your sexual activity but it's upto you and your body reactions, you can extend it up to 2-4 hours.

Erection should be gone after a sexual activity but in some cases erection lasts. If you erection last longer than 4 hours then immediately contact your doctor. Viagra can be taken along with food or without food but it reacts bit slow if you have heavy meal.

Generally Viagra dosage do not show effect on it's very first intake but after 1 or 2 it surely give your strong erection.

Will I suffer from side-effects of Viagra?

There are some side effects of Viagra, some are commonly observed and are temporary while some can be very serious.

Here are common of them:

Muscle pain,   Flushing,   Back pain,   Abnormal vision,   Stuffy or runny nose,   Blurred vision,   Upset stomach,   Nausea,   Dizziness,   Headache,   Rash etc

Here are serous of them:

Sometimes you may find your erection level is not decreasing even after 3-4 hours of sex. You clearly understand this is the side effect and you better contact your doctor right away.

Another serious effect is loss of vision, it happens with both the eyes of one of them.

Change in ear sensitivity – You may find difficult to hear voice of person closer to you or may be disturbed voice.

Available Dosage of Viagra and Generic Versions

For Viagra (patent product) there varieties of dosage quantities are available which can be taken by patient which suits. Currently Viagra offers 3 dosage varieties in 25mg, 50mg & 100mg.

Generic medicines are some step high in dosage quantities. Generic Viagra is available up to 200mg where as Viagra Gold Generic gives you 800mg dosage. Generic Cialis is available up to 5mg to 800mg.

How does Viagra work?

All credit goes to sildenafil citrate, that is the magical material that play game in the match. It helps in the growth of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) in region called corpus cavernosum. Growth in the level of cGMP smoothen soft muscles and relax them. Vasodilation which is resultant of relaxation of smooth muscles causes increase in the blood flow to the penis which causes erection.

How long does it take for Viagra work?

According to manuals suggested by Viagra (Pfizer), patient should take Viagra before 30 to 120 minutes before activity which depends on every patient. Some might get activated in 15 minutes and some may take 3-4 hours. In fact after expiration of time given by Pfizer, you can have sex till the time your body is stimulated that can be for more 2 hours to 4.

Like we already discussed Viagra will not effect if you are not sexually stimulated. You must have to reach some kind of sexual stimulation level to gain an erection with the help of Viagra. This situation is kind of unhappy for them who willing to get excited without their partner, alone. During some cases it works but that doesn't mean it can work for all.

What kind of available alternatives for Viagra?

Sildenafil citrate is the first FDA approved drug for erectile dysfunction and it is marketed as “Viagra”. Later on there are other PDE5 inhibitor category compounds also approved by FDA. Here is the list of them with their market product name and year of approval:

Sildenafil Citrate is marketed as Viagra (YOA – 1998 )
Tadalafil is marketed as Cialis (YOA – 2003)
Vardenafil is marketed as Levitra or Cialis(YOA – 2003 )
Avanafil is marketed as Stendra (YOA – 2012)

Note: YOA is the abbreviation of Year of Approval