I'm terribly busy.

Randolph didn't seem interested in making friends.


I didn't eat anything yesterday.

I don't understand your attitude.

I'll see you when I get there.

I love martial arts!

He gave me an account of the machine.

I can't believe you'd cheat on Hitoshi. After everything she's been through!

The machine again made the usual noise and printed out the following analysis.


Kids catch colds easily.

She sells vegetables.

My car was stolen last night.


German spelling was standardised for the first time in nineteen hundred and one.

Morgan handed George a glass of champagne.

Ken visited his teacher yesterday.

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Luck has nothing to do with it.

We should be talking to them.

We've got to get out of here!

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This room's orientation is great.

Let's not bother her.

Guido just changed his profile picture.

I'll have her call you back.

I'm hungry. What about you?

We never should've done that.

It's fun to speak in French.


I'm sure there'll be no problem.

I think you'd better give up.

I am not content with what I am.


The Earth doesn't belong to man; man belongs to the Earth.

I've decided to forgive them.

That's not your problem anymore.

How to say it?

She was a Brown before she got married.


This might be Sharada's umbrella.

Maybe Naresh has something to hide.

That night, I was really sad.

Swiss chocolate really melts in your mouth.

If you can't come before lunch, how about 4 o'clock in the afternoon?

I was paraphrasing.

I think Mac is handling it well.

I wish I'd never stepped foot in this house!

You look really nervous.

My back teeth are floating...

May happiness knock on your door.

We talked about Boston.

Trey and Venkata are watching TV in the living room.

Did you walk all the way here?

Dimitry told Gregory that he wasn't happy.

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If I had the money, I would make a trip around the world.


Giovanni seems to be a fairly successful businessman.

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I see Ssi almost every day.

That could be a coincidence.

Nanda goes fishing quite often.

He earns more than five hundred dollars a month in that job.

No stitches were needed.

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There is no admission fee for children under five.

Jeannie has no neighbors.

Tony can't put up with Pat's carelessness any longer.

Bob kept shoveling.

Deb didn't mention who he'd met.

That's all that matters now.

Charleen doesn't know what a star is and what a celestial body is.

Juliane is barely able to stay awake.

See, I told you Jeff would be here.


Just you try!


I just came from my house.

Why didn't you tell us this was going to happen?

That's pretty clear.

Lenny doesn't want any of Radek's money.

I could swim well when I was a child.

This hotel belongs to my brother-in-law.

We had no problems at all.


I married them.

The battle doesn't seem to be nearing an end.

I wonder what Galen saw.

It was mind-blowing.

You were supposed to call me last night.

We can't just let them go.

I really can't explain why.

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Haven't you seen the plans?


Jianyun and Marcel have a very good relationship.

Is Ruth the one?

I hear you were grounded.

I have a separate notebook for each class.

Do you have any pictures of Rajendra?

He has two sons, I believe.

Daily exercise is effective in overcoming obesity.

They are men who would live off of selling their own shadows.

Peggy wanted save up enough money to buy a car.


You worked more than I did.

I wish her a good night.

I also wanted to know.


We intend to look into that matter.

I'm too much of a lazybones.

The hike will take at least eight hours.

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That's what we all thought.

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She didn't return my calls.

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I believe you have appendicitis.

Why would you want to hire Clem?

Roy practiced very hard to get his ski instructor's license.

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I had to get away from Boston.


Sir, can we quickly inspect your luggage please?


I think this is a very unfair debate.

It must also be said that spotting what is important in current science is a matter of judgement, one cannot know that one is right.

Let's face it, it's impossible. We're never gonna make it.

If you don't like Vincent Jackson, I can suggest another lawyer.

Tyro was married to Cretheus but loved Enipeus.

Now what're we going to do?

Complete the formula here below.

Raj is incapable of losing.

No sooner had she found him than she burst into tears.

It was not until then that I realized my mistake.

Rod is unlucky.

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Francois discussed that problem with Rees.

A rat chewed a hole in the wall.

The house is very quiet.


Omar is extremely self-centered.


She loves singing.

You must live according to your income.

Listen, we need your help.

I knew there had to be a better way.

Am I missing anything?

Juan was too surprised to react.

Are you suggesting that Darrell killed all those people?


Why do you think I'm scared of you?


Skef is foolish.


Sangho knows everyone is waiting for him.

People who still read children's books when they should have grown out of them are normally mentally handicapped.

He didn't even look over the papers.

She has a bad habit of talking a long time on the phone.

The storm broke.

Don't kill.

It's poisoned.

As far as I'm concerned, things are going well.

He came here all the way from London.

They are watching a play.

I barely even remember them.

He likes to eat salad with meat.

You are expected to dress well for this shop.

It's four o'clock by my watch.

I like music, particularly classical music.

I'll persuade him not to go.

I fear no one.

Have you heard the latest news about the war?

The author of the phrase prefers not to be identified.

President Jefferson did not want the trade ban to last long.

I'm a salesman.


Manufacturers are liable for defects in their products.

To the devil with you!

If only we had a daughter!

I'm not certain Mohammad likes that.

Johann talked Wendi into baking a cake for John's birthday party.


Your mother put your collage in the top drawer.

Alejandro was irked.

If I wanted to kill you, I could kill you.

For a long time society was strongly hierarchal and unequal, primarily composed of peasants. The most backward, impoverished population, were crushed by the weight of the taxes, wars, and famines.

Pua sang.

With our lesson plan you can learn at your own pace.

I want to know how many times you've been to Boston.

The dogs started barking at Chuck.

I got it off my chest.

Vicki's gluttony knows no bounds.

We're really afraid.

That shouldn't be much of a problem.

It's not Dan's fault you were arrested.


Ann can't find a job.