You don't look too good.

A freezing beggar was brought into the hospital for treatment. However, he didn't have even one cent with which to settle the bill.

What should happen next?

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Winnie picked up something off the table.

That's probably plenty.

Heinz Jackson wanted to become the mayor of Boston.

Irvin is taking a big chance.

Skeeter's shot missed the target by two feet.

He measured all his shelves.

This story is too complex for children.

It can't be true.

He has a degree in forestry

Her smile convinced him that she was happy.

Anatoly never was very good at baseball.


We just needed to relax.

What's it called?

He still hasn't answered my letter.

Let's concentrate on what needs to be done today.

You're old enough to know better.

There's only one place Miek could've gone.

We need to protect Guido.


Many campaign songs were written.

Shopping makes me happy!

I thought we should quit.

Marsh didn't meet anyone.

Do you live there?


I'm just trying to figure out why someone would do such a thing.


She studies English.

I don't think Jeanne was very happy.

A terrible thing happened last week.

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Naoto had his wisdom teeth taken out.


Innocence, most often, is a blessing and not a virtue.

She has big boobs.

You should take your umbrella with you in case it rains.

My uncle, who lives in Paris, came to see us.

The party was held on May 22.


I'm not persuaded.

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Brent frightens me.


Hotta couldn't face it.

You're conservative.

I don't think Sedat wants that to happen.

Loukas doesn't eat fish.

Jan spoke slowly.

His tie came undone.

The plural of horse is horses.

Has he proposed some new solution?

You were not able to check their movements.

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If you don't hurry, we're going to be late again.

They walked along the avenue.

Timothy will be staying with us for a while.

I watched TV last night.

I wanted to hurt Hartmann.

My heart is hurting.

You won't be killed but you will suffer very much.

I didn't have anything to do.

There are a lot of people who want to talk to Mann.

She did a lot of voluntary work for the Red Cross.

I like to spend winters in Germany.

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Staring at her watch, she said: "It's already four o'clock."

They tried to kill us.

He has a great storehouse of knowledge about historical details but I seriously doubt that's of any use in life.

Can these books really be of any use to young people?

Ronald is worried about what might have happened to Vick.

Are you sure about this?

The global economy is spiraling downwards.

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The mother told her daughter to do it herself.

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The various laws that govern EEOC's actions are subject to interpretation by the federal court system, and most importantly by the Supreme Court.


It's impossible.

The world rests upon an elephant and the elephant rests upon a tortoise.

Do you know how to get there?


He turned up 30 minutes late.


Mahmoud was here as well.

Shakil is three years older than I am.

I hate hypocrisy.

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I'm glad I was able to do this.

You need to wear thick socks to keep your feet warm.

Sometimes married people long to be single.

That's what I was hoping to hear.

Skeeter and Liyuan spent their honeymoon in Boston.

All the hostages were released unharmed.

He lives by begging.

It is a cherry-picking concept.

It's not me who makes the rules.

You do look nice today!

Patricio spoke prematurely.


So, do you really want to do this?

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Is this how it ends?


He had not even spoken to the president about it.


I'll get them for you.

Would you like to come back home?

Murray wiggled his toes.


It looks as though we shall have to go without a holiday this year.

Granville has been lying for days.

Would that the trees might speak on behalf of all things that have roots, and punish those that wrong them!

I thought Liza would never shut up.

They caught the fox with a trap.


You cannot enter the museum. It is currently under repair.

We want meat.

Do you have a bike?

This is just an idle threat.

I know these students.


We're ready for them.

Some molds are so big that it takes six truckloads of concrete to fill them.

Angus was aiming his pistol at Uri when John shot him.

Hills and fields cloaked in spring colors.

Soldiers guard the place day and night.

My heart, the bird of the wilderness, has found its sky in your eyes.

The man has no house to live in.

I'm going by myself.

He was a bit late.

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Mats felt her face grow hot.

Malaclypse is very charismatic.

Adam almost spit out his orange juice.


We take the Asahi and Yomiuri.

Their houses are located near the sea.

Novorolsky was sitting alone in his room.


I hate lawyers.

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We tend to perceive what we expect to perceive.

Can we create something out of nothing?

Journalistic text is not a literary work.

I want to marry Heather.

Don't lend money to someone who can't have a morning erection.

The resemblance was noted by a jocular English visitor.

I don't share my problems with Ian.


He seemed vague about what he wanted to do.


You must've had a hard time.

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If you have a problem with that, we'll try to make other arrangements.

Dalton is a bit of a mystery to us.

We work to earn money.

Glen will never find what he's looking for.

All the apples are here.

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Robots can withstand dangerous conditions.

We don't swim.

May I see your claim tags?

I don't like the new guy.

They live in constant fear.

He jimmied the lock.

Don't you like baseball?

Making nothing of the cold, he went out in thin clothes.

She's completely incompetent.


Climate disruptions to agriculture have been increasing and are projected to become more severe over this century.

Ten people were slightly injured in the accident.

Every morning I make it a rule to watch the English course on TV.

That dark coat does not match her dark skin.

He was relieved of his heavy responsibility.

Marcel wants Oliver to learn how to box, but Graeme thinks that it's too dangerous.

The important thing about the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part in them.


I'll be very careful.

The villagers were offhand with us.

Gary got a little pie.

That last sentence of yours doesn't make much sense.

I think I'll be back in about 30 minutes.

You need a Nintendo DS to play the latest Pokemon game.

A policeman asked the girls if the car was theirs.

That's the friend to whom I gave the key.

Expect more of the same.

When did Sundaresan get married?

Heather is the one who should be blamed for the failure.


One should see oneself with one's neighbour's eye.

They were about 25 cents a pound cheaper.

I'm talking to Nou.

I love your city.

I got stabbed.