Just because there aren't any complaints, doesn't necessarily mean your customers are content.

I was very, very happy.

Medical innovations are the best way to relieve us from sufferings.

The taxi picked up two passengers.

It is I.

A stranger tapped me on the shoulder from behind. He took me for some other person, I'm sure.

Recently, a few houses in our neighborhood have been broken into.

His behavior really got on my nerves.

Nobody needs to get hurt.

These pillows need to be fluffed up.

What Ninja said wasn't exactly a compliment.

Rogue's imaginative.

Everyone knows you're in love with Vishal.

It's not like it's sure it will happen!

I'm not going to continue your work.

She chopped off the chicken's head.

I don't think you should follow Curtis's advice.


You know them, don't you?

Do what I say.

You have great legs.

She went with him to the zoo.

You can stop the thrust of a liquid rocket by turning off the flow of propellants.

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I know he's still in love with you.

Political unrest was in the air.

Would you like one now?


Could you please stop saying that?

Who's the better driver?

He's my most interesting friend.

The noise of city life annoys me greatly.

I enjoyed hanging out with Tolerant.

He married a farmer's daughter.

You can do it any way you like.

I'm moving as fast as I can.

I think this lamp has a short because the light comes on only if I jiggle the cord.

I thought you were Charlie's best friend.

It was necessary to find a guide for the trip.


I don't want you to worry about anything, OK?

Clay is very observant.

There's one piece left.


You've got a nice smile.

Collect your gear.

I've decided to get into politics.

Three students made short speeches and introduced themselves and their countries.

Life will already be over before you know it.

The little boat, tossed about by the angry waters, appeared and disappeared in the waves.

Tracy realizes he's being ignored.

There's a cockroach in the bathroom.

It gradually dawned on me that I had taken the wrong train.

I don't think we should stop right now.

There isn't time to explain in detail.

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That's the issue.

I'll wash my apple.

I wonder when Emmett will retire.

Between ourselves, he was dismissed for bribery.

I delayed telling him about his uncle's death as long as I could.


This offer is available for a limited time only.

You wanted to get your mom back for everything she put you through.

Where is the registrar's office?

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That's happened to me many times.

How can you tell an Englishman from an American?

I just got a call from a man named Mickey Jackson.

Is that singer popular among your friends?

Give me your belt.

It's not a holiday.

They adopted the little girl.

Many countries have signed a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Terry is single and has never been married.

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I want to get lost in Eastern Europe.

The castle is across the river.

Two men were on watch round the body.

Larry seems to be having trouble walking.

That's fun.

I wonder what she meant by that.

If you can't make it, call us as soon as possible.

We risked our lives for it.

Your face is familiar, but I can't recall your name.

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One day, I'll introduce you two.

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Is that my hat?


He jumped into the cold and calm waters of the gulf, and started to swim through the darkness.

What's for supper?

Dean was excited.

My bottle broke.

He said he was angry, and that he wanted to go home to eat dinner.

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He finished the job in an instant.


Promise me you'll help them.

Sjouke doesn't speak much, but when he does, everybody listens.

Jonathan, bring me a sandwich.

Aren't you the doorman?

I wish I had as much money as Jared.

Fay is on his way here.

I can help.

Three workers were injured.

Ruth does everything well.


You know something about this, don't you?

Son knew them.

I wish I could drop off to sleep like that.

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Howard gave some flowers to Curt.

Does this metal absolutely have to be tempered?

I destroyed everything.

They seem unstoppable.

My homework was easier than I expected.

I can't believe you live in that building.

The airfield on the island is now covered with weeds.

Don't try to blame this on us.

Out of all the movies you saw this year, which one was your favorite?

I think you know everyone here.

I like meat, cheese and tomato sandwiches.

I've made up my mind to work for a company in the States.

Do you really believe in ghosts?


Didn't anybody notice?

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It shrunk because I washed it.

What ails you?

We suffered a loss of 10,000 dollars.


What happened to that friend of yours that you introduced me to last weekend?

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Many parents think it's important for their children to learn how to speak French.


Jochen drew a picture of a dolphin.

Six members constitute the committee.

Cyrus's friends were mean to him.


Don't buy that.

Can I see your badge?

I think it's time for me to put new bait on the hook.


It's illegal.

And spent that day with Him.

He was not terrible.


Marcel downed the rest of his drink and left the bar.

In hockey and soccer, goals are counted as points.

The young man was dressed elegantly.


You should've notified us.


A Soviet spacecraft reached Venus' atmosphere in 1967, but lost communication with our planet just when it came close.

I didn't keep Clarence waiting.

She refused to answer my question.

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He is greedy and lazy.


I doubt if Jennifer will come on time.

By the way, did you have any spare time to go sightseeing while you were there?

She did not act like a normal girl.

Drop the gun.

I guess you'll need some help.

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The brother wrote a letter to the sister.


Well I'll be buggered!

Butler was elected captain.

I love what you've done with the place.

This costs 10 forints.

The city was damaged during the war.

Guido's parents didn't come to the school play.

I know for certain that he is a man of great importance.

I've learned a lot of French by watching movies in French.

You're not the only one who has had problems with Chip.

A good doctor follows his own directions.

Adam is supposed to be arriving today.

That name struck a chord.

Lend me as much money you can.

I didn't quite grasp what she meant.

Rajarshi is trying to lose weight.


Men of the rank of captain and below live in this building.

He told his best friends Jean-Christophe, Laurence, etc. that he has cancer.

She's wearing eye shadow.

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Why do you care so much?


I told you to stay put.

I refuse to talk to you!

Shankar is an old acquaintance of mine.

He did not butter the top of the burnt bread anymore.

It's amazing that so many people cross this street when the light is red.

We are bragging about our new boat.

It's pretty routine.

I have been fond of adventure since I was a child.

All Louiqa wanted was a nice hot bath.