An excerpt from “Easier to Run”

Just washing it aside –
All of the helplessness inside,
Pretending I don’t feel misplaced
Is so much simpler than change.

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To: Frank

The tapestry of my life
          isn’t smooth.
It is jagged.
    It is stained.
        It is dirty.
But looking closely, it sparkles –
From strands of gold woven therein.
    Thanks for the gold.


Osama bin Laden is dead.

It is times like these when I find it most difficult to observe Christian values. A good Christian should be saddened by the death of the unsaved, but I have to admit, this death doesn’t bother me.

Better example – we start Operation Desert Storm (1990). I go to church, and the pastor says we need to pray about going to war. So I do – I pray we win, with no casualties. Our pastor doesn’t pray this tho. He prays that there is peaceful resolution, and that God may be witnessed to those that don’t believe. It kind of took me by surprise, because I wanted a Hollywood-style ass kicking by our military, and he wanted to reach ‘the enemy’ and convert them.

That’s how I feel today, more than twenty years after that church service. I hear Osama bin Laden has been killed, and I feel like I did when I heard Backstreet was back [All Right!]. I should feel that I wish he was saved, and that nobody should suffer in hell for eternity, but I don’t. And as I ask for forgiveness of my own sins, I don’t care if his sins were forgiven of him.

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Japan, I’m sorry

Almost three weeks ago, a tsunami hit Japan with unimaginable destruction, and the dead/missing is well over 10k, which is the estimated amount today. You may not know that tho, because you haven’t been hearing about it for the last three weeks. You’ve been hearing about the nuclear power plant that’s been releasing radiation.

While that isn’t a bad thing, that isn’t breaking news every day, since how many people have died from the power plant? Zero. How many hospitalized? Four (I believe, may only be the three). When I first heard about the seriousness of of the plant, I thought we may well loose half of it. I was scared for these people. But here’s the thing – it isn’t really that dangerous. Am I quallified to say so? As much as anyone else is.

Truth is, nobody knows what the long term effects will be – but we do know that people are easily scared (myself included), and people associate nuclear reactors with atomic bombs. Tell me that if I asked you what happens during a nuclear meltdown, you didn’t visualize a mushroom cloud. But that’s not the case.

As they put it, they found radiation in milk and vegitables, 400 times the normal amount. But an expert on CNN said that you’d have to drink four glasses of this milk a day for just over a year to get sick – not even to die from it.

So my point is, the media coverage is all about the potential radiation, and what it may do to the surrounding area. Not that everyone there was killed three weeks ago, so since nobody else is saying it, sorry for your losses, Japan.

parkin baker


So, I don’t normally make resolutions for New Year’s, my logic being that if you don’t have the willpower to follow through with your decisions, a particular date on the calendar isn’t going to give that to you. But, since several people think that there is something to it, I can play along.

I thus resolve three things – the first is to stay under 200 lbs. I’m close to that now, but since my ideal weight for my height is a measly 170, I’ve got room to shrink. The second is to get a fiscal handle on our spending, as it is out of control. Without getting in to too much detail, 27% of our income is spent on credit bills in some form or another. The third is none of your business.

I also have a goal for the new decade, and that is to get a collage degree. I’m not sure in what, but in the next ten years, I resolve to have a degree in something, since I probably won’t get much further in life without one, as far as my career goes. So, that’s all for now.

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Hey guys, it has been a while since I posted last, and I’ve got a lot to say, but not a lot of time. So here’s a year’s worth of saved up chat in about five minutes.

The Oil Spill. This is spin at its best. Live video of a volcano looking plume of oil, erupting daily for weeks, and we’re going to call it a spill, like you might have in your garage. It is unbelievable to me that such an incredible ‘accident’ is labeled a ‘spill.’ I say its an accident because it wasn’t on purpose, altho it is now known that this could easily have been avoided, that it wasn’t idiots in change of watching the thing, and the safety process in place was sufficient. It was just that as things were reported, they were just ignored my senior leadership. It’s like your CEO having an open-door policy in a building you can’t get in to; if nobody is listening, nobody is going to fix the problems found. Tragic, but ’nuff said here.

Wiki Leaks. While I don’t particularly care for our dirty laundry being aired, people need to think before they speak (or act) against this. Freedom of speech should be on everyones mind when the dust settles on this – it is a very slippery slope we are on, and don’t be surprised if censorship laws come out of it, as always, in the name of security.

Republicans. You know I hate them. We had a bunch of them elected, and what’s their top priority on the agenda? Unemployment? No. Deficit spending? No. You’d be wrong if you said repeal health care (that’s second, and we’ll get to that). As stated in the first address of the new speaker of the house, the top priority of the Republican party is preventing the election of President Obama to a second term. Seriously? Of all the things going on in the world, this is the priority? Idiots. I’ll save my rant on health care for another post, but back in the day, we’d say put up or shut up, and in this case, they should shut up.

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700 Sundays is a glimps into the life of Billy Crystal, and his amazing life. I was fortunate enough to see his one man play here in Atlanta, and it was phenominal. While it probably meant more to the majority of the crowd that was both Jewish and over 40, there is a lot you can relate to at any age, in any culture.
For those of you that miss the play, don’t read the book, or don’t care about one of the last living legends of our time, I’d like to share two things that touched me.

The first is when he’s talking about his mom, after having had a stroke, and she knows him as a celeberty, but not as her son. I thought that was terrible, because no matter what you do in your life, you always want your folks to know and love you for you. That rock of support is what you built everything else on, and when that foundation is pulled out from under you, you shake for a while before you re-stablize.

The second is when he is recounting about the cards he’s been delt in life. Lost his dad at 15,something else bad, got to be happily married for 39 years, got to have two wonderful kids, and got to do what he loves his while life. The point being that you can be dealt a bad card, but you need to look at the whole hand, and ony then can you see it is a winner.

Great show, great book, enjoy both if you can.


Lawyers vs. Comcast

So, in my Comcast bill was a legal notice of Comcast being sued by some GA residents, class action style, and the outline of the settlement. Apparently, Comcast collected fees in GA that shouldn’t have been charged, and then kept the money instead of refunding it. While it doesn’t say how much was collected in error, $50,000 will be donated to a GA charity or charities mutually acceptable to the actual plaintiffs as compenstation. Additionally, Comcast will have to pay the plaintiff’s attorneys’ fees and expenses, totaling $462,962.50.

So, let’s look at those numbers again:
Compensation to consumers actually wronged: $0
Compensation to charities that didn’t suffer: $50K
What the lawyers made from this settlement: $462,962.50

Looks like the ambulance chasers are back…

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To disable hibernation in Windows Server 2008, open a command prompt (yea, I know), and run the following command:

powercfg.exe /hibernate off

That’ll do it.

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AIG bonuses

For the record, I don’t like to hear that a company that is in a ‘bailed out’ status is paying out any bonuses, because most americans aren’t seeing any bonuses these days. Now, you can play the PC game and call them ‘retention payments,’ because you’re paying them only to the best employees you want to retain, but again, how good can they be if they needed to be bailed out?

But that’s not my beef – what is my beef is the government trying to block or tax those payments. Even tho I don’t like them, I like far less the government trying to dictate who they feel should and shouldn’t be paid, and how much of it they want to tax outside the normal tax laws. You know, Bush did what he wanted using the fear of terrorism as justification – are we using the fear of economic disaster to justify unfair taxation and business intervention outside of regulation? Yes, and you should be afraid of this.

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