Let's keep this level.

The doll lay on the floor.

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What is your plan?


Instead of ink, there was some unidentified liquid in the bottle.

How do you pronounce the "@" sign in your language?

I escaped from the sinking boat with difficulty.


I was the happiest man on earth.


I am afraid she is ill.

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Where are the horses?

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I've never seen such a large whale.


I like all films that Juzo Itami directs.

Does she have enough energy to take a long trip?

I hope Elisabeth is going to help us.


I wish that Mari would move out of the apartment below because she makes so much noise.


There was no music.


Antipasti are appetizers served before the first course.

That down pillow looks expensive.

I wasn't told that.


Several boys had to leave school early yesterday.

He invites us to his parties.

I'll vote for Pantelis.

I must go to work.

I went around from one house to another.

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Can you do it all on your own?


Christianity is a powerful force. That, for example, protestant missionaries come back home from Asia unconverted - that is a great accomplishment.

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My name isn't Tammy anymore.

Fewer and fewer people are working to support more and more people living on government benefits.

Suzan looked like he was going to cry.

We said that.

All I want to do is finish what I started.


Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.


Phiroze and Earnie were so happy.

Genius is infinite patience.

Of course there should be local hospitals.

I've been looking forward to this.

If it were not for her help, I would not succeed.

I'm looking for Spyros Jackson's office.

Granville grabbed Olaf's right hand with his left hand.

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It is difficult to execute the task.

By the year 2020, the population of our city will have doubled.

She's starting to like this house.


Can you tell me about Hamilton?


I'm pretty sure Niall was the person who did that.

We've got a room for you.

When does it open?

Nary a word was uttered that day.

Who carried the luggage?


The dog is rolling over on the ground.


Piete stayed up all night. Now he's too tired to work.

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The policeman gave me a sign stop.


Face life with a smile!

Pamela isn't sure what to expect from Sergeant.

You should check your bag to see if anything is missing.

I lent him a magazine.

Someone attacked us.

Is Toby going to go with us tomorrow?

Indra kept on working.

You must succeed after such efforts.

When I said that I had killed a panther with nothing but a knife, this means that I did not have any dogs with me and that I did not use a rifle.


Ti doesn't like having his picture taken.

Gabriel thinks that he's better than other people.

The girl sitting over there is Nancy.

I don't harvest their olives.

Andries told me he was going to try it again.

Mr Hirayama teaches very well.

I don't go to school on Saturdays.

Morgan's drinking has caused a lot of problems in his marriage.

We can't continue this way.

Fletcher teaches history at a high school.

I am your source of life, for my tears flow in your veins.


We made up our mind to go to law school.

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I'm the one who should apologize.

The burglar didn't have any plan - he just entered the shop and grabbed things at random.

Japanese is a quantum language. It is to languages what quantum physic is to physics.

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Crying out, the little girl was looking for her mother.

You saw them, didn't you?

You need to get permission from Jong.

This is one of Boston's finest hotels.

Kyung never said goodbye.

The motel can accommodate as many as 400 guests.

We're here to save lives.


The agreement between the two results is just shy of 50%.

Something bizarre happened to me last week.

Her wealth finally allured him into matrimony.

Everybody started to laugh.

McDonald's is world-famous for its hamburgers.

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Scot sat in front of Marco.

I guess that's about it.

I'm going shopping this afternoon, although I don't have much money.

We'll be there soon enough.

I wanted to buy one of those, too.


Now he is recognized as one of the most promising writers.

She broke up with me because I don't make a lot of money.

Why do you want to go to Boston?

What enthusiasm they work with!

Who told you I was back?

I sent this letter to grandfather.

I've got plenty of other things to worry about.

The troops were annihilated.

What did you tell them?

Was that the girl who asked you to take a photo of her?

A sheath for a sword is a scabbard.

She wanted to hug the tree.

Every new language is like a game.

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They seem to be concerned with nuclear weapons.

Cristina finally smiled.

What do you expect from us?

You should have repaired it right away.

This suitcase is too heavy for you.

I wasn't watching.

When does your passport need to be renewed?

You have a poor memory!

Try this on. It should fit you.


It may be expensive.


I think Kathryn is relaxed.

A naked lecture conveys boredom ; tales help precepts get through.

Harris has nothing to lose.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to begin our descent.

What's my book doing here?

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My mother told me to do a careless job of it.

Clarissa always drinks his coffee strong.

Why did you return home today?

I completely disagree with that.

Many plants and crops grow here thanks to the mild climate.

Irving picked up his guitar and headed for the stage.

They cheered for their teammate.

I'm going to go get them now.

I never even saw Scott.

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He made believe not to hear his boss.

My rusty Ford broke down, obstructing the intersection.

Help me with my homework, please.

Did Hartmann tell you where he was going?

Robin was walking down the street with Edmond at his side.


Free Palestine!

Holy Week is the week just before Easter.

The city supplied the needy with blankets.

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I thought for a minute we had a problem.

There are a bunch of kids playing tag on the playground.

The speaker's comments were highly offensive.

I'm still worried about her.

The crisis is entering a dangerous phase.


All of Ssi's friends laughed at Malus.

How is your surname written?

I need children's fever medicine.

We just can't keep doing that.

It was disappointing.

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I think Al swears too much.

That's my job.

The weather is rainy.

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Ceres contains one-third of the mass found in the asteroid belt.

Masanao and Drew eat dinner together almost every evening.

Few know the truth of the matter.


Spacewalkers must wear pressurized spacesuits in order to work in space. These suits have pressures significantly lower than the ambient cabin pressure of a spacecraft.

I believe that she has never told a lie.

I will give her the book tomorrow.

Amy always gets up early in the morning.

Jane is to teach our students from next week.


We bought this car for 10200 rupees.