Today it's difficult to make ends meet.

Rakhal and I have known each other for many years.

How can you really help?

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Won't you stay for supper?

John bought a camera on eBay.

Catherine entered his office and saw a box on his desk.

Santa is the only witness. There are no other witnesses.

She had no cares or troubles of any sort, and every day her tasks became easier, and the years that had gone before seemed more and more like a bad dream.

He's considering visiting his uncle.

You seem to have hurt yourself.

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I'm not moving.

Give me some space.

Ole and Socorrito both said yes.

He did his best, but failed.

But we don't have anything in common at all.

Tell me how it works.

Do you realize what time it is? What were you up to at this time of night?

A cucumber is related to a watermelon.

Oh luck! Like the moon, you steadily change, you always grow and then wither again.

Dale leaned over and opened the passenger-side door.

I was not praying against you; I was praying for you.

I didn't give anything to Collin.

We love each other, but she lives in Germany and I live in the United States.

Lance fell asleep quickly.

I need to hire an accountant.

We met at the door of my house.

Has Alfred been notified?


Roast chicken is one of my favorite dishes.

Moscow is the only city in the world, located inside the Moscow Ring Road.

John is a man who has a fine sense of art.

Eric can't stand people who are mean to stoats.

Cindy has a swimming pool.

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The food at that restaurant is too greasy for me.

Heather used to play the guitar.

Let's not squabble.

Your password has just been sent. Check your email.

I won't tell you this again.

Where there is salt, there is life.

There must be someone behind this affair.

I don't mind being woken up.

If you win, you are in the right, but if you lose, you are in the wrong.


Suu had to do a double shift.


I ran outside and the door locked itself behind me. It was almost -40.

The boy neglected to water the plants, and he was scolded.

Travelers can suffer from any number of maladies in foreign lands.

The childminder cares for between one and three children.

Speaking of genocide, today is Columbus Day.


Where is the butter?

Do you have any problems with that?

It was lucky that you caught the train.

Take a break, Stewart.

I think Donal is resourceful.

"Give me something to write with." "Will this do?" "Yes, it will do."

His wife's a friend of mine.

I just wanted to see you.

Do as I say.


Sridharan is still in the car.


Everything must be in perfect order for the wedding.

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

She only buys second-hand clothing.

Let's get it over with.

You look wonderful tonight.


I just never seemed to fit in there.

He hasn't the nerve to tell the truth.

Watch and learn.

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The old man was sitting with his arms folded.

I find this puzzling.

Jaime isn't sleeping.

I'm a private investigator.

I'm not feeling so good.


It is certain that he didn't go out that day.

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Nice to meet you too.

Adoption for gay and lesbian parents remains a hotly contested issue in the United States.

Which of these dogs is yours?

Stan arrived very early.

The score was even.

The policeman drew the revolver.

I married when I was 19 years old.

They set fire to houses and farm buildings.

He is accountable to me.

I haven't seen Kolkka recently.

A girl drinks the fish's water.

We had to put off our trip.

She goes to the library every other day.

He gives an apple to the teacher every day.

You shouldn't smoke here.

I am already going to Norway and Finland.

We need more information about this.

Choose a dress you like.

Because I wasn't looking where I was going, I bumped into him when we passed. It wasn't his fault.

Jacques has always been the kind of guy who gets into fights.

Marty doesn't often let Mario drive his car.

What's in the garage?

We have yet to learn all the facts.

Joel is still studying French, isn't he?

All the girls were jealous of her looks.


If we have the chance, let's get together on another occasion.


Leif isn't a student here.

Kyung had a hard time raising enough money build the orphanage he'd promised to build.

Vaughn usually keeps things to himself.

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I caught a cold. That is why I could not attend the meeting yesterday.

She discovered that she had run out of salt.

Just promise me you're going to be careful.

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"Wanna go karaoke?" "Sorry, later."

I certainly didn't expect that.

It will be four years before the definite result of beef liberalization emerges.

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The students snickered.

It was hard for him to say no.

Can it be phrased in another way?

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The store is around the corner.

Yesterday was Friday and the day after tomorrow will be Monday.

I didn't promise anybody anything.

Jock had many friends.

I'll try to arrive early.

She majors in medicine.

Do you want Dimitry back or not?

Don't stop playing.

Camila is from Uruguay. She is Uruguayan.

Lois and I understand each other.

His understanding of logic is abysmal.

I'll send you your clothes and some other things next month by express delivery.

A cloud is an accumulation of water vapour in the sky.

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I've been up for three days.

Newsflash: People a couple of hundred years ago didn't speak the same as we do.

The school has turned out many inventors.

Farouk has been badly injured.

I don't want to go to class.


Tracy thought he was cute, but she was too shy to say anything.

We have to find more chairs.

I will what I want.

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Move along now.

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His words came to mind.

Have fun! See you in an hour.

I'm very serious about wanting to be a good magician.

The left brain predominates the architecture and lifestyle in North America.

Evil is everywhere.


I'm Tifyur. I'm not Tafsut.

He's not the right man for you.

I can't study here.

Grant would tell me the truth, I'm sure.

I just want this day to be over.

I'd like to eat something sweet.

Cows are more useful than any other animal in this country.

My little brother did it, not me.

What I saw was depressing.

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There has been a case of death in her family.


My girlfriend lied to me.

Wendell is biased.

Drinking was his ruin.

Unless a beautiful woman is an angel, her husband is the most wretched of men.

Where did you drive them?

He is such a nice person that everybody likes him.

She waits tables for a living.

Elric is back with his ex-wife.

I don't think you would do that.

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I will inquire about the matter after I return home.


There were thirty people present at the meeting.

Cut the cloth on the bias.

She may well take pride in her talent.

I didn't find them.

People who are not smarter than I am don't interest me.


It's raining outside right now.

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I heard that Vincenzo is planning to come with us.

The heaventree of stars hung with humid nightblue fruit.

Illness prevented me from attending the party.

The teacher explained to us the meaning of the poem.

The mother was quieting her crying baby.

What's on the menu tonight?

It'll be hard.