The huge explosion killed six people.


We'll need Gene's help.

I have something I need to do.

I'll take Thuan at his word.


How're you this morning?

How about shaving your head instead? I think it would look good on you.

You like it, huh?


That incident put his courage to the test.

Laurianne is about my age.

They had to submit to the superior force of the enemy.

I don't smoke.

I can't trust you yet.

Smoking means suicide.

I wish I knew what it was.

The property was divided equally among the heirs.

I can live with that.

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He is above suspicion.

All I want is directions.

Would you mind waiting in the lobby?

Why are you drawing flowers?

You are beautiful.

The girl to whom he is speaking is Nancy.

I want you to keep an eye on things.

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I have to cut the wood.

I like to play sports.

I feel like someone is watching me.

The sun came out from behind the clouds.

This amulet brings me good luck.

We'll let him know.

I'm going to go buy some bread.

Kyung asked for Lester's address and wrote it down on a piece of scrap paper.

She's after me.


She gave him a watch.

Stop phubbing me.

Po is supposed to be arriving today.

I did everything by myself.

Malloy isn't going to change.


Is that what you really wish?

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Look! She's coming!

Jared wanted to say something, but he felt that it would be better if he didn't.

How will you get Rayan to help us?

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This method has its advantages and disadvantages.


We threw them out.

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No one understands me either.

I think that there are more people in the countryside with a big heart than there are in the city.

We can't let Bradley get away with murdering those four people.


Tatoeba: Don't wander by here on Friday nights, kids.

Is Dan running away?

Milk is a food for babies.

We'll look into it.

Did you even know Roberto could do that?


For the time being, he's staying at a neighboring hotel.


You have no right to stop at this street.

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Do you have any plans for the summer vacation?


Herman and Kristi adopted a girl.


Did you get a haircut?

I think Brent is dependable.

Serdar threw me an apple.

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Please let us know if we can be of help in other ways.

What a good boy you are, Laurianne!

I'd like to live in China.

Jean-Christophe claims that he can read people's minds.

The truth is that I lied.

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It seemed that Vadim was hiding something.

Full body scanners perform a virtual strip search.

He is tired of watching television.


Each person has different views with regard to changing jobs.

So what do we do if Allen shows up?

How can I find you?

I live in an apartment.

Doesn't Adlai have any fun?


Am I interrupting?

We can make the world stop.

They asked Neville to play the guitar.


Tell her I'll call back.


Vinod lives in Boston with his wife and his three children.


Hurry up! The train is about to leave.

She tried to go on a diet and lose five kilograms.

His room is kept clean by her.

To live is to struggle.

He came home right at ten.

Someone called them.

The boy is swimming with his friends.

What's with the luggage?

Our town is on the East Side of the river.

Stuart wanted to talk to Owen's father.

I need to make another call.


We only have three days left.

He forgot his wedding anniversary.

I don't know my neighbors.

I found it very disturbing.

Ji is the love of my life.

I never thought I'd see your face again.

Raymond is quite confident.

The cinema was filled with people.

Please think it over and let me know your decision.

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Marie will get here soon.

He realized his ambition to sail around the world.

I've come to save the princess.


The convention voted on the issue sixty times.

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Jared advised Mason not to do that.

Is black tea healthy?

I'm seriously considering it.

They are immune against attacks.

It is believed that she is a genius.

I made you lunch.

It takes us a long time to master a foreign language.

I hope the weather will be good.

He's not a hero.

The natives were not allowed to enter the district.

Could you mind my bag for a moment while I go to the toilet?

My father has recently returned to Japan.

People consume less electricity than before.

Does it also work without registration?

I'm going to need you to be more specific.

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Pandas spend at least 12 hours each day eating bamboo.

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Susan got on a bus for Boston.

We've been meaning to talk to you about that.

People tend to require strong stimuli.

It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last.

From this moment on, Muiriel is 20 years old.

She likes subdued colors.

You're fine.

Can you call ahead?

She has a great fear of snakes.

He's always somewhat tired and anxious, his eyes only shine a dim blue-gray light.

We have a lot to learn from other cultures.


Do everything you can to be happy.

I must convince her.

Five minutes later she emerged from the kitchen.

Win is irreplaceable.

It looks like an orange.

Joni is not an Adonis but he's certainly very attractive as he gets out of his Lamborghini in his Armani suit.

I swear, John.


My dream comes true.

There's something important I need to tell him.

Kristian looked so contrite that for a moment Maria nearly believed that he really was sorry for what he had said.

Just wait right here.

We'll give them another chance.

My country is the greatest country in the world.

I don't like it one bit.

That's an amazing distance, isn't it?

Knute had both of his socks on inside out.

After a month's stay here I will get much better.

I hurried home.


It is quite common in North America for homes to have a one or two-car garage.

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I parted with my old car.

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Let's look in the closet.

Presley says that he needs to talk to you.

I just don't think I'm successful enough.

"I can't start the engine." - "Let me have a go."

Jon isn't a bad boy.

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I'm so happy you stopped by.

You may stay here if you like, so long as you keep quiet.

I'm going to go to Boston tomorrow.


Well, that's upsetting.


We have to get her to a doctor.

Pharamp cut the cake in two.

Why did you put leek in the soup? You know I don't like it.

I'm obliged to find a way out of the resulting situation.

The ship was abreast of the shore.