Juan did it out of a sense of justice.


We thought you could do it.


Can we talk for a sec?

When I arrived at the airport, the wind was blowing a gale.

You'll have to pay.


Can you come back on Monday?

I have nothing else to add to that.

Sridharan clapped his hands together excitedly.


This is the more useful of the two.

You should discuss this with Walter.

We experienced an especially difficult winter.

And the tea isn't good either.

He goes abroad every year.

But after this, everything turned out well.

I always needed some attention.

Dwayne was given a life sentence for killing a security guard.

If time is not real, then the dividing line between this world and eternity, between suffering and bliss, between good and evil, is also an illusion.

We have to win seven times in a row to win this tournament.

I hope to meet up with you this afternoon.

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We must make do with what we have got.

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That's an old Japanese custom.

Anything you say to Claudia, you can say to me.

Are you hot?

We did our best to help them.

30 is the product of 3 times 10.

The bottle contains water.

Thank you very much for coming so far as see me off.

Vistlik linked to my website from his blog.

You knew the answer all along.

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I was married here.

Perhaps I can answer that.

When will that change?

She gave me a golden luxury watch.

I already got thirsty.

She was a bubbly twenty-year-old brunette.

This washing machine is very energy-efficient.

I wonder what Lou meant by that.

Have you ever needed help?

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I took the little girl by the hand.

Have you lost the receipt?

This laptop computer is very thin.

I came back for you.

What can we do to help you?

What's so interesting about baseball?

"Have you already started building the courtyard?" "Yeah, it's looking great!"

Do you know where I might find Joni?

I don't speak Irish.


I'm sick and tired of being the one who always washes the dishes.

I have climbed Mt. Fuji before.

He is good at diving.


She doesn't know her place.

Is that singer popular among your friends?

We expect you to carry out what you have once promised.

Our husbands are Polish.

It is waiting in the park at 7 o'clock.

Tuna is bound to know where Donald is.

I didn't even know Sidney was here.

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It is worth fighting for future generations.

My natural hair colour is blond.

Men tend to be more overconfident than women.


I don't leave the doors open, because there are animals in my neighborhood.

You'll have to cook more food.

Ted piled everything up in the center of the room.

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He will end up in prison.

You'd be a fool to do that.

There's a little bit of water in the glass.


The hills are bathed in sunlight.

I see you've done this before.

Marsh isn't going to tell us anything we don't already know.


Thank you for all you've done for us.

What do you mean by 'White Anglo-Saxon'? Have there ever been any black, yellow or red Anglo-Saxons?

Shakespeare is as great a dramatist as ever lived.


I'm calling to tell you what time you need to be here tomorrow.

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We cooked dinner for them.


Thierry was sold and resold a total of seven times.


Are you ready to compete?

They will be very glad.

I thought you weren't going back for a couple of days.

It was easy for them to find a hotel.

Has anyone ever told you that you worry too much?


He likes to listen in to the radio.

All guests have gone.

Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins.

This verb is normally used only in the third person.

Oxygen is needed for combustion.

I don't want him to know where I live.

Bud isn't too young, is he?

Classical liberalism deifies abstractions and objectifies humans.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

International anarchy destroys every foundation for peace. It jeopardizes either the immediate or the future security of every nation, large or small.

Sriram is going to have a baby.

She sometimes stays up late at night.

Everyone was silent.

Cathryn rose with great care.

He told me to leave the window open.

He only spoke German.

You will be paid according to the amount of work you do.


I filed a missing persons report.

Dennis left his apartment at 2:30.

I sent them a note.

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I had my fortune read by an old lady with an eery-looking glass eye.

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Voyager 2, a space probe, passed within 4900 kilometers of Neptune in 1989.


I feel really stupid.

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Naim didn't know how lucky he was.

These are serious problems. They shouldn't be swept under the carpet.

Could I talk to you, Scot?


Linda fought Dan off and ran away.


He is the eldest.

I'll tell you only if you promise to keep it to yourself.

How much of what Claudia said did you understand?

I had no choice but to stay in bed all day.

Vernon got a transplant.

She continued driving fast.

I'm not like you.

This wasn't such a good idea after all.

The songs are for the folk a long way from its home.

My teeth hurt.

He was late, as always.

She started that.

He can get the crowd dancing.

I'm not doing it anymore.

Would you please shut up?

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The airline has grounded its fleet.

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I have some information for Natraj.

It could matter a lot.

I pressed my forehead against Ricardo's.

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As I am sick, I will not go with you.

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Something must have gone wrong.

Jean-Pierre waited for Dirk outside.

I think he's got a thing for you.

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My father failed in business.


I really shouldn't ask, but could you go get some tofu for me?

Give us some room here.

A sentence is never innocent.

You said that you hated them.

Until next time.

Make your move, Keith.

What Timothy did was disgusting.

I want to know what's on that train.

She is getting married this fall.


Does anybody here know you?


Where did he go after the lecture?

Benjamin doesn't want to be seen talking to you.

Blake loved to walk in the country round London.

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I thought I was your best friend.

I've got to get back to Boston.

I'm sure I can get away with it.

He told us many lessons.

You have your right sock on wrong side out.

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I am reluctant to tell her the truth.

I am tired of listening to Olivier.

He is always right.

Of course!

Take him for a swim.

These are all I have.

The poet committed suicide in his study.

Do you really think we should be doing this?

Where am I supposed to sit?

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Let's conduct a research.


At the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant, all the reactors stopped just after the quake.