The content on this site is produced from data acquired from the website of the 6304189076.
Added Source Files

Added the files used as the source data for this cargo and transits data for this website. These files were obtained from the Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center which you can reach by clicking the link on the main menu labeled 'Statistics Center'.

Posted by Baba at 22:38
Move to port 80

Today we moved the application to be accessible on port 80. This means that you no longer need to worry about the port when typing in the web address, i.e. you can just use waterbornecommerce.com now.

The website still has many updates and modifications ahead. Some of the immediate goals include the following:

  1. Copy the files presented on the Army Corp of Engineers, Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center website and make them available for download in our file library.
  2. Rewrite the file library to be more versatile and functional for you with the goal of making it easier to find the data you are after.
  3. Revise, enhance, and add to the graph functionality available in the 'Points of Interest' section
  4. Review the data from the Statistics Center to identify what GIS data is available and integrate it into some functional displays.
  5. Miscellaneous site changes and modifications.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Baba at 02:56
Initial Release... v1.0.0

In the coming week, the WaterborneCommerce.com website will go live on port 80. There will still be a variety of work in progress such as loading up the various files that are at various locations at the Army Corps of Engineers Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center website. In addition, the points of interest reports will be seeing some improvements regarding layout, graph utility, data downloads, etc.

If you have suggestions or feedback, please email service@roycat.com.

Posted by Baba at 21:36
Pre-Alpha Website Build 2.0 Online

Some changes have been made to the pre-alpha version of the website and have been published to facilitate design discussions and testing.

Changes include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The Points of Interest page has been changed to utilize tabs for segregating the Ports and Waterways record sets.
  • The location report pages have also been changed to utilize tabs for segregating Commodity data from Transit data.
  • A number of back-end changes have been made to address issues such as time-outs and performance.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Posted by Baba at 16:03
Pre-Alpha Website Available

The WaterborneCommerce.com website is now available for pre-alpha testing and evaluation.

This release is primarily for demonstration purposes to provide the opportunity for design discussion as well as testing and evaluation. Expect changes over the course of the coming weeks as design and implementation elements are updated and revised.

Posted by Baba at 11:31
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