Dale Carlson

Sax For Hire

Very experienced sax, flute, and harmonica player available for immediate work in the San Francisco Bay Area. Available for freelance studio recording as well as regular band work. Most interested in performing jazz, but also well versed in rhythm & blues, world music, rock, blues, and the avant-garde. Strong interest in Latin music. Well developed ear and very strong improvisational skills. Very experienced in live performance as well as studio recording. Extensive touring and band experience. Open minded and tolerant. Would prefer working in nonsmoking situations due to a severe allergy. Send Email

Professional Musician

Play tenor, alto, soprano saxophones; harmonicas; flute; and penny whistle.

Played professionally for twenty-five years. This has been part time employment as well as serving as a primary source of income for a number of years.

Played in approximately 20 states and Canada. 

San Francisco resident since 1988. Played in a number of San Francisco bands including: Veronica Klaus Heart & Soul Review, Venutians, Le Group, Wilma Don't Tap, Hyperdrive Kittens, Birdie & the Love Bugs, Bourbon Deluxe, Steel Cut, Fat City, and the City Slickers. Played in some notable bands prior to moving to California including: the Villains, Connie & the Rhythm Method, Worlds, and Survival.

Played with some of the local heavyweights in the Bay Area such as: Ray White (who played with Frank Zappa for many years), Neil Okin (the New Morty Show), Dred Scott, Mark Little, and David Kaffinetti (from the English band Rare Bird).

Recorded with many different artists including: Gary Floyd, (Sister Double Happiness), album "Broken Angels"; and on many "low budget" movie soundtracks.


In addition to a music career, I have held full time, (and some part time), career positions in many different areas. This would include salaried, hourly, and volunteer positions. I am actively seeking a new full time professional position. Please take a moment to review my many varied areas of work experience. I could put this to work for you - my potential new employer. View Resume

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