What we speak of as 'causality' is nothing more than the phenomenon of repetition.

I don't know who to choose.


Roxana was killed in action.

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Bernard might not know the answer.

I'm the one who suggested we do this.

Why do you need a new television?

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I had to do something about it.

He was at work till late at night.

Is Oskar in charge?

I love you bunches.

We have an elegant solution.


I went to bed after preparing everything in advance.

Jon isn't only friendly, he's also generous.

The soldier immediately cut off her head.

I missed seeing the film. Did you see it?

What did you see at that time?

I put my lighter down somewhere and now I can't find it.

Evangeline Lilly is Canadian.

How far did you go?

My husband and I prefer to spend time at home together.

I think you've been hanging out with Barrett too much.

Thanks a lot, you just ruined my life!

Could you stop, please?

Marian asked Barrio what she thought of his tie.

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Hank heard a voice whispering his name.

Who is looking up into the sky?

He was explicit in his instruction.

If you want this pen, I will lend it to you.

How do you know how heavy it is?

You still have time to do that before 2:30.

It's impossible that she said that.

The cat drinks milk.

How much did you bet Gypsy?

That made him govern himself.

The automaker will unveil its new line of sports cars tomorrow.

Walter asked Page if she knew John.

I don't know whether Dory still lives here or not.


The food in my country is not very different from that of Spain.

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Boston is a nice city.


I am giving away all my worldly possessions to the poor.

When was the last time you saw Wendi crying?

Students protested in Paris in 1968.

His delay made the situation all the worse.

It's extremely embarrassing.


Has someone died?


He's rich rather than poor.

Goodbye to you.

No nation can exist completely isolated from others.


The clown's stunts were highly amusing to the boys.

What're you going to do during your summer vacation?

Girls like cats more.

I'm working double shifts.

I've been to Boston more than once.


I cannot forget his kindness.

Excess water went down the drain to the sewage.

She speaks Hebrew with her mother and Polish with her father.

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I want three dollars worth of stamps.

He works on the farm from morning till night.

You know I hate meetings.

I thought Pilar wasn't allowed to eat candy.

I advise that you do as I want.

It was her idea to sell the house.

Shall we dance?

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I'm in command now.

Tal should be more careful.

We have to conclude that the policy is a failure.

Can't we just get him to leave?

Cindie gets up at six every morning.

Would you put on the air conditioning?

I came as soon as I got your message.

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No amount of money can buy happiness.


We'd like to ask you a few questions about Marco.

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Mitchell built a treehouse for his children.


Give me a few hours.

Do you know why Claire isn't here today?

Ricky said he was very sorry.

When did you ask him?

We will have some visitors one of these days.

Do you want me to do anything else?

He couldn't think where to hide it.

Who's in the basement?

I can make it in two hours.

You're not from here, are you?

I'm lying in bed with a killer hangover.

Could you wait outside?

Some of the technology created in the construction of the Hubble Space Telescope has been applied to create advances in medicine, computer chips, and the prevention of electrical power outages.

The study which Mr Smith specializes in is economics.

The thrilling video game took all my attention.

Felix is nice to everybody.

Jim must be proud.


Venkata and I'll come together.

This is such an easy problem that any student can solve it.

She was just as excited as he was.

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The sends his love.

You're on pretty shaky ground here, Vance.

"Zelda, I'm going to eat spaghetti for dinner, then I'm going to rub spaghetti into my face! Aren't I funny?" "No, you're not." "Huh?" "Father, stop talking about your dinner." "Yeah, Zelda's right. Your dinner is boring!"

The managers think that it isn't exciting to eat.

I'll come to your company.

Whenever my wife's best friend comes over, they sit on the couch and dish for hours.

Women usually have the gift of gab.

I want to live in the same neighborhood where Think lives.

A big animal broke out of the zoo.

I'll eat it.

You enjoy that, don't you?


Take this, honey.

I will not let him deceive me.

Come what may, I won't stop making music.

What do you plan to say?

The prediction was falsified by the result.

My uncle gave me this watch.

The strangest thing is that I don't recognize anyone.


She's going to drink some milk.

The whole house was ill in bed.

The pain has lessened a little.

You said so the other day, didn't you?

Neville asked Rajendra whether she'd prefer to go to the movies or just chill out at home.

Italo Calvino returned to Italy when he was still a child.

Please clean up this room before everyone arrives.

It'll take as long as it takes.

My legs are weak.


Please don't make me ask them.

She has great respect for her teacher.

He gave me no less than ten dollars.


I wish we'd bought another bottle of wine.

I am more beautiful than you.

Greg says he has no idea where Adlai lives.

Marvin showed me how to do it.

If you listen to the lyrics, you'll realize that they don't say anything.

Why are you here in Boston? You're supposed to be in Chicago, aren't you?

This is a story full of intrigue, love, betrayal and secrets.


Learning foreign languages is hard.

Among our friends, there are Serbs and Croats and Muslims.

Knut has had a lot of bad experiences.


Despite the rain, we're deciding to go out.

What do you base your theory on?

Bernard summarized the situation.

Do you want to talk about something?

The battle ended before they got there.

Wolves won't usually attack people.

He wrote me a long letter.

You may have heard of that.

We didn't do anything special.

Yesterday we walked to school but later rode the bus home.

I don't want her to leave.

I baked two pies this afternoon.

Why don't you let Stephen go?

I insist that I'm innocent.

I invited him to my house.

I appreciate the offer, but I can't accept.

I need a shirt with a stiff collar.

The warning came too late.

Jean was in the right place at the right time.

You never listen. I might as well talk to the wall.

An individual is the smallest unit of the society.

I saw Roxana die.

I'm going to play tennis tomorrow.

He's so deep in debt that he has to get money from one person to cover his other debts.

Ray put together one million dollars in unmarked, used bills as the kidnappers had told him to do.

Professor Tanaka wants somebody to help him with his study.

Everybody's really angry.

She is well spoken of by everybody.

How long will you stay in Tokyo?


Who'd want to hurt me?

It's hard to predict what the weather will be like tomorrow.

The teacher emphasized the importance of education.

Spin the wheel around.

It's hard to believe that it has been clear and sunny until now.

Gideon is not in prison at the moment.

Would the person who pranged into the back of my car please own up?

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My father is out in the garden now.

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It's no exaggeration to say that he's a prodigy.