Did you just get here?

It's one of the things that I like about you.

As you're starting from scratch you might as well have gone for a major makeover...

It quickly healed.


Vistlik never was poor.

I visited the atelier of a painter that I had not visited in a long time. This painter had just acquired a new model and he was in a very good mood.

There is no doubt that I could not do it without your help.

Jacobson didn't want Sergiu to drive drunk.

Food is always necessary for life.

"Uncopyrightable" is the longest word in the English language which does not repeat any letters.

Killer whales are beautiful but dangerous.

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I regret that decision.


Leon isn't breaking the rules.

Sanford seems much happier than Laura.

Sean responded immediately.

Let me tell you something about Boston.

I didn't borrow money only from Alfred, but also from his wife.


Jay had a noodle soup.


Ramsey is as talkative as ever.

Ami felt like giving up.

The train came to a smooth stop.


Donn poured me a cup of tea.

Is this your first convention?

High fructose corn syrup is found in about everything you eat these days.

I don't like that store.

I am going to stay with my aunt in Hawaii.

Speak with me.

I can't believe Albert tried deceiving me.


Most of his posthumous fame came from his autopsy results.


I'm going back to get my umbrella.

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Nobody came to help him.

That's not where I was last night.

I regret nothing of my life.


I'm planning my next vacation. Maybe I'll go to Disneyland with my family and friends. How much should I save for it?

It was raining hard, but she insisted on going for a drive.

A little good news wouldn't hurt.

It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Kimmo wants to buy a drone.

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We are all going to die, aren't we?


No sooner had we reached the station than it began to rain.

Harv had to cancel his lecture because he was sick.

Philippe is eager to press on.

I don't like to wear nail polish.

The forecast rain never eventuated.


These monks live inside the monastery.

His father worked as a swineherd.

At times Claudia thought about psychoanalysis.

We stopped at a farmhouse overnight.

I didn't grow up in Boston.


I've just been to the post office to send a package.

We'll deal with it tomorrow.

She looks young, but actually she's older than you are.

I never saw them before today.

I always wanted to do that.


I'm learning to play the clarinet.

It is bonkers to go out in this weather.

We were very busy.


The fine isn't very high.


Julia likes oranges.

Marla, what would you like to have for dinner?

I make a good living.

She turned pale at the news.

I'm not impressed by your magic tricks.

She contributed an article to the newspaper.

Can you blame Lanny?

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Don't you think that the cookies that you baked today are the most delicious amongst the cookies that you have baked so far?


There's musical entertainment from nine o'clock to midnight.

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Jerry speaks French only slightly better than he speaks English.

You're not my brother.

Please be sure to close the windows before you go out.

He gave me not just advice, but money as well.

Could we have a sidebar?


Brender looks deranged.


He made the actress his wife.

When he was young, he had an arrogant air.

I don't believe the two of you.

There's no sense in doing that.

We live near the dike.

3 plus 5 is 8.

Don't look at Benson.

We travelled all over the country.

I lost interest.

I'll keep my word, whatever may happen.

We're coming to pick them up.


Can you be here in half an hour?

This is kind of embarrassing.

Jane is loved by Peter.

Kent barely touched her food.

You were hiding.

The way tourists dress offends the local standard of propriety.

It's probably just my imagination.

He who helps others, in turn shall be helped by them.

We'd like to speak with him.


Can you forgive me, Janos?

I was just about to leave the house when the telephone rang.

The rumors were true.

Don't get into trouble.

Bruno finally left.

I shall have more to say when I am dead.

Is it OK if I turn the TV down?

Daren put his shirt on.

It must be done immediately.

Peggy should go.

The test of democracy is freedom of criticism.


Isn't it true that you own a gun?

Was Marcia wrong?

It is surprising how little she knows of the world.

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I remember that feeling.

We've done well.

Do you feel responsible?


I looked everywhere.

I spoke to Albert just the other day.

I just wanted to drop by to say hi.

What makes you so sure that Lisa will be here tomorrow?

At best we can only hope for a small profit.

Some turtles have lived more than 100 years.

How old is the captain?

What's the minimum salary in Jamaica?

Harris couldn't understand what Carsten was getting at.


He let me work in this office.

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Why don't you have some wine?

Stop acting like a spoiled child.

Sridhar found Maurice, didn't he?


Is there actually a moment between the past and the future?

I wonder why no one has bought this yet.

Subra is different from other boys.

We've got to get someone to help us.

The work is almost done.

You can't make good soup with cheap meat.

You look awful.

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I haven't tried to call Andries yet.

I can't do without a coat in the winter.

We spent a lot of time on our lessons.


The hamburger is a famous American dish.


With the appearance of a promising new writer, the aging novelist fell from prominence.

Nathan sat watching TV.

Vince asked his father if he could go to the cinema.

The poor peasants ate potatoes.

He sat silently with his legs crossed.


I don't think Eli is the only one who doesn't have enough money to buy a ticket.

No has just finished writing his report.

Spass died three years ago.

Ramiro wants to forgive his father for abandoning him.

We have an image to protect.


Scientists may have to reexamine their conventional theories about one of the most mysterious and disgusting substances in the universe: cold, old coffee.

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I don't think I'll go to Boston.


You won't have anything to do if you get there early.

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Intellectually we know prejudice is wrong.

I'll have to explain that to my father.

Just turn around.

The violence lasted three days.

Learn it young so that when you're old, you'll know it.

I didn't know you had a roommate.

I'm fixing it up.


They are reading their book.

Jos drank a lot yesterday.

If Gigi came back home, I'd be happy again.


That couldn't happen.

Hienz made a lot of money in Boston and then moved back to Chicago.

I should go warn him.