Carisa and Laura have no children.


I want you to tell me what you plan to do.

Casey is sleeping in the next room.

Patricio is definitely not happy.

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Dave is the fastest swimmer of all my classmates.

I won't be a moment.

That's not much of a plan.

She took thousands of pictures during her trip, but they were all bad.

This is a precious chance to get Sammy's autograph.

Everyone believed his lie.

There is a political party which is a traitor to the country in Japan.

Tell Matthew that I'm busy.

The skater spun round and round on the ice.

Why are you burning these pictures?

The area is built up now.


You've chosen a nice color paint for your room.


Akiji is a soldier turned teacher.

Would you mind waiting a moment?

Pete is sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.

That man is not a professor, he is a doctor.

Perhaps we can come to some arrangement that works for both of us.

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I've been searching for them.


Why haven't you gone to the police?


This is my favorite part of the movie.

The sum of the angles of a triangle on a spherical plane is more than 180 degrees.

He practices playing the guitar until late at night.

Let's dine out tonight. I'm too tired to cook.

You haven't changed.

How do you normally do this?

We didn't need to buy anything.

What's in the box is none of your business.

This article is more interesting than the previous one.

We'll get a keg of beer for the party.

It's very cold here in January.

Should he come, give him this paper.

After her death, he sunk into depression.


My mother baked a cake for my birthday.

Leif is a well witcher.

Did you get this from Geoffrey?

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She hated her husband.


Hey, are you there? Can you hear me?

What are you looking forward to today?

The government finances are severely squeezed.

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Our weekend plans were held in abeyance until we could get a weather forecast.


The meat cuts tough.


One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.


Rakhal must be stopped at once.

My wife suggested to me that I take her on the trip.

Let's try to find out what Randall expects us to do.

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I'm ambivalent about the itinerary for our overseas trip which my brother has drawn up.

I think you owe me ten dollars.

We should've stayed with her.

Taurus would never hurt me.

We have established the institute with a view to facilitating the research.

I would like to improve my French but I really have no time.

He is the richest man on earth.

I stayed indoors because it rained.

We too have a similar approach.

Thank you for cooperating.

The cat is liked by Mike.

I can sell anybody anything.

Rakhal puts his arm around Hugh.


She doesn't translate well.

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Don't you remember anything?


What's your opinion of Japanese food?

He has a small advantage.

It is a mystery why he did not finish the poem.


Did you go to church today?

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The team was quite nervous before the game.


This novel was written by a famous American writer.

They all have drinks.

This snack doesn't taste good at all.


Rabin has dark hair.

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Should I wash the lettuce?


Matthias is a very nice person.

Did Rand seem persuaded?

Along with his children he fled the country.

He notified the police of the traffic accident.

Laurianne is out of control.

My clothes are full of suds.

I may not be able to go swimming with you this afternoon.


Here's the house where he lived.

What is RNA?

You trust me, right?

He left Japan for good.

I guess theoretically it's possible.

Let's make our own language so no one will know what we're talking about!

It is five years since my father died.


A burning meteoroid produces a meteor.


I went to Dominic and Hui's last night.

May we speak in private?

Look at Shel's face.

This car has no air conditioning.

You know what I want you to do.

Barrett was doodling on some paper.

He's such a great guy.

We have to be sure we're right.

Why didn't you come to Boston last summer?


You're smaller than me.


Am I required to get a visa?

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Japanese people are fortunate to live in a land with natural hot springs.

Niels is a piano tuner.

The earliest civilizations arose in Mesopotamia.

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Rodney had expected something quite different.


Woody has done it to me again.


Jesus isn't a bit scared.

He's my brother.

I'll always consider you my friend.

I would rather not go shopping alone.

We have a house here.

Something must've spooked them.

It's really hard to drive on the bumpy roads around here.

You need to work very hard.

So, what happened this time?


Do you know where I can find her?

In the evening, I have dinner at home with my family.

Phiroze cranked up the music.

Children are our future.

This is an elementary error of reasoning.


This city has many historical buildings.


Where are your eyes?

The girl has a beautiful doll.

We've got to get away.

Look after him.

Such problems are to be expected.

This is the first time I've ever forgetten Marika's number.

You're a rich man.

I shook my head a few times.

What the hell was she thinking?

You can tell her I said so.

She is more human in thinking than you.

All having been spent on repairs, he applied to the bank for the loan.

Jeffery was deeply disturbed by this news.

Doctor Hirose is engaged in AIDS research.

I asked Glynn to do that.

I hear you've got a new nickname.

Kay didn't have enough money to go to the concert.

The problem is prevalent.

It is definite that he will go to America.

China has the most people of any country in the world.

God help thee, brother, as thou hast so helped two of us.

Shame on those who think ill of it.

What are you writing about?

This math problem is unsolvable no matter which approach you use.

What's the difference between an owl and a barn owl?

I assumed you were happy.

There's music for everyone.

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The bucket was full of water.

Are these candles?

I saw a kabuki play in Tokyo.


I'm satisfied that everything was finished that way.

They missed her.

Today is the fatal day that they will attempt their escape.


Cliff made us feel unwelcome.


Put the key in the mailbox.

Fried food does not agree with me.

That was Knudsen's mother.

Clean up this mess.

It could be an idea!