We have to be sure we're right.

Lindsey was strip-searched.


It's a well-known fact that spiders aren't insects.

Let's go back to the garage.

They have to lose.

Ask Benjamin how he got here.

There's something I have to let you know right away.


It takes years to grow a tree, yet it takes seconds to cut it.


I'm Kitty's cousin.

I haven't found a doctor yet.

The more I learn Esperanto, the more I like it.


The teacher warned us that the test would be hard.

The moment he arrived at the station, it began to rain.

I hope you had a great weekend.

I cannot have a rest now. I have a lot of work to attend to.

I really appreciated your help yesterday afternoon.


The crowd was in a panic.

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Leigh finished the work without any difficulty.

Konstantinos buttoned his shirt.

You need to meet with him.

Why should Eddie care?

Major Cold: It's the day of the year that the cold is most severe, but you could also say that Spring is just coming around the corner.

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Morgan, look! The squirrel is back!

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I'm happy you're happy.

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It is not a dog.

Bit cold though.

Sho was made redundant.

I want you to be my girlfriend.

Music is my passion.

I like this picture of us!

You told Nichael where to find me, didn't you?

Jane looked at Jwahar curiously.

Thank you for burning my shirt with your cigarette.

I wanted to see you.

I wrote a reply, but I forgot to press send.

Their car entered one of the toughest races in the world.

Glen gave Eduardo the wrong book deliberately.

Patricia is full of good intentions.

Aren't you the one who's always saying we should spend more time together?

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It only takes about fifteen minutes to walk to the station from here.

Mikael has a broken rib.

Nikolai won the fishing tournament.

Andre is tactful.

Ravi knew that he wouldn't be able to pass the test.


Dawson bought me this jacket.

Clyde wondered how many times Sangho had been arrested.

Vilhelm doesn't need to be here.

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Spudboy dried his hands with a towel.

I expected Cristina to call, but he didn't.

She hates rules.


I knew Sundaresan was waiting for Pravin.

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Apparently, nothing bad happened.


How have things changed?

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We came fearfully close to the Sun's orbit because we launched from the wrong side of Mercury.

Everybody has their favorite drink.

Brandy was in the firing line when his boss left it to him to field questions from angry shareholders.


And when are you going?


Are you going to tell me or not?

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I have a friend waiting for me in the lobby.

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There was a tornado in the village.

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This isn't really anything new.

Climbing a mountain is rather like travelling towards the polar regions.

"I will let you pass safely," the Sphinx said, "if you can answer my riddle."

We all made preparation for the meeting.

He lost his cinema ticket.

Hubert sounded upset.

Translating is exhausting.

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We don't know what caused the fire.

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I think I might know where Warren put the keys.

I'm not upset, but I'm really disappointed.

Where are you planning to spend the night?

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Wood burns easily.


Suddenly a man appeared, packed my suitcase and ran away.

You should take more exercise for the sake of your health.

I can only keep a secret so long as no one asks me about it.

We were totally exhausted from the five-hour trip.

The Van Horn family was in the chips.

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The company faced a major interruption in business when a fire destroyed their archive of computer hard drives and optical discs.

Finally her true talent revealed itself in that painting.

Don't worry about it, Tollefsen. It's not your problem.


His blue coat was dirty and wrinkled.

I've never heard Roxie speak French.

We sent them a copy.


You're disloyal.


You couldn't have known what was going to happen.


It's nothing.

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We both know you don't live where you say you do.

Hotta changed schools last year.

You two don't trust each other much, do you?

The piano has a good tone.

Belinda wasn't the only one who showed up late.

Stephanie is afraid of intimacy.

Shakespeare is one of the greatest poets.


We should be able to help you.

Far from being a failure, it was a great success.

I want to make a private visit.

I'm from France, and you?

I see the queen.

The eye is the window of the soul.

Haven't you been to Tahiti?


Please just tell me what's going on.

Harris used to work for us.

He's thinking really hard.

It looks appetizing.

The road to recovery is downhill all the way.

I want it back.

A gifted person ought to learn English (barring spelling and pronouncing) in thirty hours, French in thirty days, and German in thirty years.

We're all quite fond of Jayant.

If there be fear, it would cause failure.

While a quantitative approach may be useful in certain situations, I think this case necessitates a qualitative analysis.

This part of the tune needs some real skill. It took me ages to learn how to play it on the piano.

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There is a bag on the desk.

I'd like it above my ears.

Uh-oh! Dark storm clouds gather over the lake.

The young gentleman would like to drink something.

They were one of my favorite bands in high school.


There are many theories as to what caused the fall and fragmentation of the Roman Empire.

They cannot have done such a thing.

Have faith in God.

He is proud of having been educated in the United States.

How does that help?

Ranjit does a pretty good job of forecasting the weather.

Some girls were chased like cattle.


Can you recommend your favorite shoe store?

We thought it was perfect.

It has rained for three days on end.

It's going to happen again and again.

And I saw the new heaven and the new earth.

Self-publishing may be an attractive option.

Ken has arrived in Kyoto.


I'll come on Friday.


This is Professor Oak, the director of this experiment.


Jill doesn't know anything about classical music.

I need supplies.

Joachim needs the money right away.


You did that once.


Who will they elect?

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Roland is bragging about his new car.


Tell them to show up.

This really ticks me off!

Why aren't you helping me at all?

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I came to say hi.

She didn't exactly agree with me.

Ariel isn't one to complain.

I miss you all the time.

I'll make sure Pilar has everything he needs.


Let's not make a big deal out of this.

My kitchen help has the intelligence of a spatula.

He reads novels every day.

On the whole I am satisfied with the result.

He's waiting for you at home.

The windows were covered with cobwebs.

Antonella is mean.


Glynn told Louie not to wait for John.