Bryce has told me good things about you.


She finished her exercises in the given time.

Has he become crazy?

We're willing to negotiate.

Space would probably do exactly the same thing we would do.

I'd like a glass of water, please.

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Eriko worked so long and so hard, without stopping to eat, that I feared she would faint.


We feel pretty confident.

Are you ready to fly?

We ate sandwiches, cake and so on.


It sure is tight.

She made a scene about it.

We are all in agreement.

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Don't leave your glasses on the table.


I suppose Lou didn't make it.

He could no longer restrain himself.

I wish they would spell my name correctly.


We were probably in junior high the last time we went there together.

We don't have lots of time.

Yumiko was a little angry.

I cannot afford a holiday.

I ate an Omurice.

She was always attracted to men who were much older than her.

Joel doesn't spend much time in Boston.

Now, let me ask you a question.

We don't want to die.

Now, let me handle it.

She had two lovely children.

I always wear a seatbelt when I'm driving.

Hey, you know what?

What's this all about?

The union and the company have agreed upon a new contract.

I haven't done this for a while.

I got my hair done.


Lievaart didn't even try to help Mikey.

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The cake is ready to eat.

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John wanted to be completely independent of his family.


You can just sit there and relax a bit if you like.

I took for granted that they would give me a receipt.

Claudia never even said goodbye.

It was not until yesterday that we noticed the animal missing.

Raj killed the cockroach with a broom.


I need some help.

Let us also hear the other side.

I still think Ole is innocent.


His way of thinking is a bit extreme.

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My mother finally approved of our plan.

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Looking for somebody sincere, open-minded, thoughtful.

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Let's not point fingers.

Do you think that Steve Jobs would have been as successful as he has been if his last name were "Joobs" instead?

Are you prepared for that?

I heard John speak to Mr. Brown.

After taking a bath, I drank juice.


Take us to the hospital.


I'm hopeless!

They have come.

You're going to like it.

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Construction could begin in October.

I might as well die as do such a thing.

Sorry, but I don't want to lend you my books.

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This law mitigates the negative effects of economic recessions.

It's too bad you didn't come with us.

Do I wanna know?

Who do you think is the best French speaker here?

Jenine, I have something to say to you.

Sonny is too drunk to drive. Could you take him home?

Do you have a website?

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Tell me about it. I'm all ears.


It makes no difference whether he will come or not.

My work is worth many times more.

Bobby often complains about his neighbors.

The event starts at noon.

Are we fucked?


You can't be serious?


Don't you ever wonder why?

I was going to visit a friend.

Pedophiles are cruelly treated in prison.


I don't feel like waiting any longer.

Step aside. You're blocking the way.

Isidore's afraid.


What will you do on Friday?

Gideon is watching us.

Can you still remember where we first met?

At last we meet! I've waited so long for this day!

I think it's Natraj.


It is possible that aliens have already landed on earth.

The elders decided to expel him from the village.

Harvey was a drunk.

I'd hoped I could stay in Boston for three more days.

Just call Ronni.

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I would rather stay at home than go shopping.

Are you in a fraternity?

Sylvan and Judith haven't adapted yet to the new reality.

Few students knew his name.

I'd like for Pratap to tell you who he was with on Saturday night.

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Try to make the most of your dictionary.

We've been down this road.

I suggest that perhaps we should give Sergei a second chance.

Tokyo is a very expensive place to live.

Your suitcase looks heavy.

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I always read myself to sleep.

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I know where the blame goes.


She kept all medicine away from children.

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I'll never forgive her.


I used to do it all the time.


Did Takayuki have his dinner?

I can't imagine that it's true.

I bought it yesterday.


Kidnappers usually want lots of money before they release a person.

Do you know how to crochet?

I was surprised at this news.

She availed herself of every opportunity.

An izakaya is a Japanese style pub.

Let's get a little closer.

It's my belief that knowledge is power.

Alvin looks a little disappointed.

Jesus wanted money.

Let's not talk about this today.

She has lovers for every day of the week.

Short hair looks better on him.

Why can't you take things just as they are?

She wants to kiss her.

Blaine hit me first.

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I half expected Sehyo to bring his own popcorn to the movie theater.


I think she will not come.

Kerri answered the question correctly.

It's a reasonable compromise.

I'm reluctant to let myself be known in strange company.

I might need some help.

May the queen live long!

He lay at full length on the grass.

Tigger locked his car.

She traveled all over Europe last month.


Women guess everything; they're only wrong when they think.

You'd better take them home.

We didn't know how to do it, so we asked for help.

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At the moment, you are entering your sentences in the wrong place. You should select "Contribute" at the top of the page and then "Add sentences".

I wish you had told me how to do it.

Roy seemed to be in a hurry.


She gave up eating meat after reading a book about cruelty to animals.

I certainly don't regret it.

Ram likes to pretend that he has a lot of money.


It is my fear that in an understandable but foolish wish for the European Union to have its own defence capability, politicians are forging ahead with plans that are at best wishful thoughts, and at worst dangerous.

It's raining everywhere.

Jwahar doesn't have to eat this if he doesn't want to.

He says that he will come tomorrow.

He'll kill you.

The rain is starting to let up.

Manuel has no plans to go.

Take a deep breath and don't freak out.

We do want that, don't we?


You shouldn't break your promises.

Wendell's a very good fighter.

I won't be doing that.


Venezuela is the country of my dreams.